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Jo B

Trained Cuddlist

Session Rate: $100/hour AUD or $130/1.5 hour AUD

Perth, Western Australia

About Jo B

Hello! My name is Jo and my passion is human connection through healthy, platonic touch. Would you like to be held in a safe, comforting space where I am totally present with you? Cuddle sessions are all about you, exploring what you want, what your boundaries are, finding your voice, how you like to be touched, dropping into relaxation and being more present.

About me: I am a warm and open-hearted person. My main loves in life centre around ecstatic dance, contact improv and of course cuddling! I have been practicing yoga for over 10 years. Another passion of mine is the importance of self-care. Getting out into public places enjoying flash mobs and social experiments is a fantastic and fun way for me to liberate and express myself, while connecting and sharing love in the community.

Why Cuddle? When people cuddle in a soothing platonic way, this can lead to many beautiful things, such as uncovering deep relaxation, increased self-awareness, trust and respect. It can boost your immune system, increase the happy hormone Oxytocin, lower blood pressure and stress levels.  A person can feel a richness of connection and of feeling “seen”.

Experiencing healthy platonic touch is a vital part of well-being which is often over-looked in our life that is full of goals, pressure, expectations and pleasing others.

Who is this for? Anyone over 18 who genuinely wants a unique, platonic, relaxing, therapeutic, nourishing touch experience. Anyone wanting to experience more touch in their lives in a safe space. This is for people who agree to the Cuddlist code of conduct and are clear that this is a platonic service. If you are hoping for something  romantic or sexual then you will be disappointed as this is not what I offer.

What kinds of things will I feel in a session? It may feel a little awkward at first which is completely normal, as this is new territory and you are trying something different. You will most likely feel vulnerable as you are getting out of your comfort zone, again this is normal. Then as you become present your body will slowly start dropping into relaxation. When a person feels accepted and loved in a safe space, the body has the potential to feel comforted, nourished, soothed, nurtured, calm and refreshed.

What happens if I get aroused? This is a normal and natural way your body may respond to touch. I don’t shame it. Acknowledging the feeling is important. I expect clients to exercise self-control and what you say and/or do is the most important thing. I respectfully ask that you do not encourage, entertain or act on it. Shifting positions, taking a break, stretching and/or talking can all help get back to the calm relaxing feeling.

What does Cuddling look like? There is no right or wrong way to cuddle. If it feels good and it is platonic, consensual touch then there can be as little or as much touch as you like. It can be as simple as holding hands or sitting side by side, to full embracing and body contact, it that feels right. There are many different cuddle poses, but the session is focused on feeling into your body to tap into and discover how it wants to be touched or held.

What people are saying about Jo and her cuddle sessions:

“The cuddle sessions I had with Jo were amazing. I discovered a lot about the power of intimate touch with mutual respect and no other goals. For me, expressing what I wanted in that context brought me out of my comfort zone in a very insightful way. Jo held the space really well, conveying a sense of presence without attachment.” – Bran
“Thank you for an amazing session, for all your softness and gentleness, it was oh so well needed and received! Thank you Jo so much for reminding me of my soul needs and cravings, much love.”- Angelica
“I really appreciated the session and thought Jo was very clear and professional. The quality of contact was great and I felt very safe.” – Ann
“I can say from experience that Jo has a very caring and considerate embrace, one to cherish and to be experienced.” – Pete
“A hug is a beautiful connection, a cuddle session with Jo brings joyfulness to the soul. It’s comforting and nourishing and Jo brings her attention, intention and her light. Thank you Jo, I loved this session and I love the power of this work.” – Jenn

Booking info and free consultation: I require at least 2 days notice for a session. After requesting a session with me and answering some questions like how did you find out about professional cuddling and what you would like to get from the session, I will follow up with an email to check that your location and our schedules match up. Then we will schedule the free consultation which will be a video chat via WhatsApp or similar, so we can get to know each other better. This is usually 15 – 30 mins to make sure we are a good fit and that this service will be of benefit to you. This is a good opportunity to ask me any questions and we will go over the code of conduct. (It will then be at my discretion if I also require a face to face meet up in a public place prior to booking a session.)

Don’t have access to video chat? No problem, I will first call you and then we will have our face to face consultation in a cafe/public place. Photo I.D is required for all new clients.

Then we will schedule our session if we both agree that we are a good fit for professional cuddling.

Out-calls only at the moment until I find a cosy place to work from. I will be coming from south of the river. Travel time is a maximum of 30 minutes. Any further will be extra $20. When I travel to you, I require a clean and safe space which is free of smoke and strong smells. We will discuss options of where in your home we will have the session, prior to booking. No strong perfumes or colognes please.

Payment, cancellations, reschedules and confirmation. To secure your booking, once we have arranged a day and time, I ask for full payment to be paid via bank transfer. My cancellation policy is 24 hours notice in which you with receive a full refund. I only accept one reschedule. If you have an emergency and need to change the appointment to another day and you give me less than 24 hours then I can do this just the once.  I will confirm the session with you the day before or the morning of the session (if is an afternoon session).

You can contact me with any questions here: [email protected] and I will do my best to respond within 24 hours.

Session information from Jo B

Following your free consultation prior to the session, I will tailor the session to meet your needs and/or any goals you may have. Therefore, each session is unique, I will coach and encourage you to discover and explore what kinds of platonic touch you like. We do this together through consensual and conscious touch.
Each session begins with an opening agreement in which we both promise to let the other person know if we feel uncomfortable at any point, for any reason. We can do some role playing for a few minutes to demonstrate this. When we speak up and say we are uncomfortable we are taking care of ourselves, learning self-respect and being aware of our boundaries.

We then discuss any boundaries we both may have. The importance of discussing and holding our boundaries in a session can bring wonderful insights and life changing patterns for a person.

After taking some deep breaths together to ground ourselves, I will ask you how you would like to start. I encourage you to ask for anything that is platonic and always within both the code the conduct and my boundaries. My “ yes” will be with a full heart, and my “no” will be from a non-judgmental space. I may offer an alternative. If you do not know what you would like, that is perfect as we can uncover together what that may be as I will gently coach and encourage you.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to me. I would love the opportunity to share space with you. Thank you for taking this first step in your cuddle journey!

Skills & Specialties

Basic Thai massage Three Principles counselling Partner Yoga Police Clearance


Currently I am available Wednesday mornings and Weekends from 9am to 5pm.