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Jo B

Certified Cuddlist

Session Rate: $80/hour or $120/90 Mins AUD. Out calls extra $10 for travel.

Perth, Western Australia

About Jo B

Hello! My name is Jo and my passion is human connection through healthy, platonic touch. Would you like to be held in a safe, comforting space where I am totally present with you? Cuddle sessions are all about you, exploring what you want, identify your boundaries, finding your voice, how you like to receive touch, dropping into relaxation and being more present.

Experiencing healthy platonic touch is a vital part of well-being which is often over-looked in our life that is full of goals, pressure, expectations and pleasing others.

About me: I am a warm and open-hearted person. My main loves in life centre around ecstatic dance, contact improv and of course cuddling! I have been practicing yoga for over 10 years.  Another passion of mine is the importance of self-care. I came to be a Cuddlist when I was going through a period of loneliness where I really wanted more connection and platonic cuddles. I found there were no Cuddlists at that time in Perth. Fuelled by sheer curiosity and a desire to explore our innate human need for intimacy, connection and touch, I embarked on a new adventure.

What are the benefits of Cuddling? When people cuddle in a soothing platonic way, this can lead to many beautiful things, such as uncovering deep relaxation, increased self-awareness, trust and respect. It can boost your immune system, increase the happy hormone Oxytocin, lower blood pressure and stress levels.  A person can feel a richness of connection and of feeling “seen” and “heard”.

What kinds of things will I feel in a session? It may feel a little awkward at first which is completely normal, as this is new territory and you are trying something different. You will most likely feel vulnerable as you are getting out of your comfort zone, again this is normal. Then as you become present your body will slowly start dropping into relaxation. When a person feels accepted and loved in a safe space, the body has the potential to feel comforted, nourished, soothed, nurtured, calm and refreshed.

What happens if I get aroused? This is a normal and natural way your body may respond to touch. I don’t shame it. Acknowledging the feeling is important. I expect clients to exercise self-control and what you say and/or do is the most important thing. I respectfully ask that you do not encourage, entertain or act on it. Shifting positions, taking a break, stretching and/or talking can all help get back to the calm relaxing feeling.

What does Cuddling look like? There is no right or wrong way to cuddle. If it feels good and it is consensual, mutual touch then there can be as little or as much touch as you like. It can be as simple as holding hands or sitting side by side, to full embracing and body contact, it that feels right. There are many different cuddle poses, but the session is focused on feeling into your body to tap into and discover how it wants to be touched or held.

Booking info:
Please get in touch for a free 15 min consultation call where we can get to know each other and to schedule our session if we feel that we are a good fit.
Media Links:
I am the founder of Cuddle Haven, my website is  www.cuddlehaven.com.au  
Like my Facebook page for interesting posts: Cuddle Haven Perth
Follow me on Instagram: jo_cuddlehaven

Session information from Jo B

I offer in-calls, which means you can come to me. I have a quiet, cosy, safe space near Fremantle, just 30 min drive from the city of Perth. There is free ample parking and a bus stop 1 block away.

For out-calls I can travel a maximum of 30 min drive, with an extra $10 fee to cover my travel time.

We begin by creating a comfortable consensual communication agreement and allow individual preferences to guide us from there. I encourage you to become present, listen to your body and ask for what you want. I reassure you that this is a safe space to ask. I cuddle with an open heart. We will discover together what feels good and is relaxing for both of us. If you do not know what you would like, that is perfect as we can uncover together what that may be as I will gently encourage you.

10 minutes before the end of the session we will start to transition out of the cuddling. I will invite you to either check in with a feeling, or to share something you have learned in the session, or invite in a sense of appreciation for the time shared.

As part of my after care I offer, I will follow up the next day (with your permission), to see how you are and if any insights have come up for you or any feedback for me.

It would be a privilege to share this sacred space with you. Thank you for taking this first step in your cuddle journey!

Skills & Specialties

Basic Thai massage Three Principles counselling Partner Yoga Contact Improv Police Clearance


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