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Trained Cuddlist

Session Rate: $80AUD/hour + Travel Fee for Outcalls

Brisbane, Queensland, AUSTRALIA

About Josh

In my experience, people are drawn to me because I am warm, gentle, safe and easy-going. I easily get alongside people and shoulder their burdens with them but I don’t take them on personally. I’m affectionate and care a lot about others being comfortable around me. I have experience in finance, youth work, pastoral care and aged care nursing. They have all led me here to Cuddle with you if this is what you want.

I’m an empath and quite sensitive, yet resilient and can be with people in the really hard stuff of life. I love being able to empower people to take control of their own stuff, find their voice and become more comfortable with saying ‘No’ and setting healthy boundaries in their lives. Self-care is important and I love supporting people in helping professions so they don’t burn out. I am a neutral, objective person in your life who is outside your circumstances and there to support you and give you what you need as you are comfortable.

Session information from Josh

My sessions are out-call and ideally the 1st session is in a public place, like in the city. Once I get to know you a bit better I am happy to do out-call to residences.

I bring a blanket and a pillow to the 1st session if it’s in the city and wear pink pajamas, which is fun.

I provide a call via mobile or Skype so we can talk about what you are looking for, how I can help you and to see if we are a good fit for a cuddling session. I want you to feel comfortable and ask all the questions on your mind so we both feel at ease.

Consent and doing what is comfortable for you and for the other person is really important in this industry. I always want you to feel safe and at peace with me so the Terms & Conditions really help this along. Cuddling can be pretty intimate so it’s right to be really clear about this being a professional service and a platonic service. I’m a family man and I care about them deeply. I find it kinda cool to talk through the neurochemistry of how the cuddling process all works too.

After the call, we go through the practicals of what the session looks like, which always includes some elements such as the Opening Agreement at the beginning, the 10 minute transition out of cuddling near the end of session and follow up within a few days of the session to check in and see how you’re going.

All questions are welcome and I’m happy to chat with you and begin this journey together. I’d be delighted to meet you and experience this sacred, gentle and warm space. Thanks for stopping by =).

My Availability (set to expand greatly in Dec 2019):
Wednesdays and Night time (we can discuss)

So what does this cost? $80/hr. Travel fee is negotiated* (unless you have a physical disability, then don’t worry about it, I come to you)

How long does a Session last? 1hr minimum, 2hrs is better.
1st Session is 90min to ease us both into it, go over Code of Conduct again and answer questions.

Are there any Age requirements? Yes, 18+ and Gillick Competent for consent reasons

Who is eligible to be a Client? Anyone who is willing to abide by the Code of Conduct. Practically, geography could be a spot of bother but we will probably cover this first to save us both time. I know the city isn’t central for everyone, I’m about 30 min from there.

Cancellation Policy? 48 hrs notice. I’m not so fussed about this presently as I only have Wednesday and nights to work as a Cuddlist but it will mean more to me as I support my family through this from end 2019. The main thing is that you never have to cuddle or do anything you aren’t comfortable with, same goes for me too.

What is your Privacy Policy? Ironclad and airtight. I’ve been rigorously trained in Privacy and Confidentiality. I will compartmentalize any and all information about you and our session/s and won’t be able to remember it otherwise even if I wanted to. I have my years in Finance to thank for this change in my neurochemistry, I used to shred client files and info and couldn’t remember any of it even as I did so. My work in Hospital Chaplaincy, youth work and Aged Care Nursing has extremely strict provisions around privacy and confidentiality so it is second nature to me and a legal issue in these sectors so it’s a natural fit for me as a Cuddlist now.

What do I wear to a Cuddle Session? Minimum required is a tank-top and shorts covering up to mid-thigh. I’ll be wearing my pink or purple pajamas. Yoga outfit, socks, whatever is comfortable for you and adheres the minimum and we’re good. Main thing is that clothes stay on and what we were wearing at the beginning of session still stays the same throughout the session.

What do you actually do during a session? This can vary quite a bit. It’s important to remember that we don’t have to cuddle if you don’t want to. We can talk, I can listen to you, we can share a meal (fair warning: this will be an additional cost to you), play board/card games (I might even let you win), I can read to you as well. Code of Conduct remains the guiding principle here.

Skills & Specialties

Pastoral Care Youth Work Hospital Chaplaincy Aged Care Nursing Blue Card Police Check


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