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Josh Kuntzman

Trained Cuddlist

Session Rate: $80/hour + Travel fee for out-calls

Santa Barbara, CA

About Josh Kuntzman

Hi – I’m Josh, and human contact is my favorite form of medicine: it’s a basis for de-stressing, self-motivating, and head-clearing. Feeling connected is one of our most basic needs, but as adults our time for bonding often gets lost in a rush of life duties. Setting aside time to be fully present with another person helps our minds, hearts, and bodies relax into the truth of “I am connected, I am safe, I am worthy.” From there, we can grow. So whatever your goal, I’m excited to help you in that journey: whether it’s snapping out of anxious thought-cycles, building calm confidence in connecting with others, or simply lowering your blood pressure.

I have a Doctorate in Education and countless hours of experience as a teacher, discussion leader, and physical arts trainer (aikido, acro-yoga, dance). I know how to listen and respond to bodies as well as words, whether we’re talking through your present experiences or sharing a silent moment. I can offer you a strong supportive embrace, a warm human pillow, or both: I will meet you as you are, and be with you as you need. Through deep breathing, open listening, gentle gaze, calm touch, and shared laughter, I establish safe consensual environments where people can be vulnerable, relaxed, playful, and honest. Let’s make that space together.

However you decide to care for yourself, thank you for seeing and seeking what you need. You are natural, you are valid, you belong in this world, and you are capable of thriving.

Session information from Josh Kuntzman

Before We Meet: we will talk by phone or video about what you’re hoping these sessions will add to your life: the mental, physical, or social shifts you’re working on, that I can support you in during our time together. I want to know what your individual needs are, so that our sessions have a sense of purpose and progress. We will have goals and discuss our Code of Conduct. This initial consultation is free of charge.

Where: I come to my clients, so that sessions can make a positive impact in a space that you’re familiar and comfortable with (travel fees may apply outside of the Santa Barbara area). As our sessions become more comfortable, I may offer the option of meeting outdoors as well, in parks and other natural areas where our connection can be linked to a larger sense of belonging: to the local community, the environment, and ultimately the universe.

What: I will bring a soft mat and blankets/pillows, a selection of natural oils (if scents help you relax), and a copy of our Code of Conduct. You may simply bring your genuine self, and some water to hydrate.

How: We will begin every session by agreeing to clearly communicate and respect each other’s boundaries of comfort. Within that circle, we will explore your goals and interests for that day, focusing on your immediate feelings and needs, with an eye on your long-term growth and development. All sessions will center around building basic breath awareness, inviting the balance of heavy and light emotions, and recognizing the mind/body connection between our “reasonable” thoughts and our physical states, all grounded in our sense of belonging.

Skills & Specialties

PhD in education (teaching and learning) active listening dialog coaching amateur massage body-based education empathy


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