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Joshua A

Trained Cuddlist

Session Rate: $80/hr

Gray, ME

About Joshua A

Humans are social creatures, and there have never been more ways to connect with others than there are at this very moment. However, being social is not the same thing as being intimate, and intimacy is what creates a true connection between people. It is the ability to be vulnerable and authentic with someone whom you trust that builds a sense of belonging.

I understand the struggles of anxiety, as well as the spiral of isolation that it can produce. I know first-hand how lack of confidence and poor self-image can cripple you from seeking out and creating those fulfilling experiences of human connection. I also know the effect of the resulting loneliness.

I am here because I have been fortunate to overcome many of these barriers, and I know the power of creating that safe space for others to let themselves blossom. If you are feeling isolated, lonely, depressed, or even just unheard, I want to help. If you are currently lacking a caring connection, I want to give you the experience of safe, platonic intimacy so you can feel your best and pursue what you desire out of life. I would love the opportunity to work with you if I can be of service. Be well!

Session information from Joshua A

If you are a new client requesting a session with me, I will be in contact within a day or so to set up a time to talk about your needs and to go over some important information about the service. We will also go over the details of where and when to meet for our first cuddling session. I will be happy to answer any questions you have about the service, as they come up.

I am able to host in my home in Gray, ME as well as perform out-calls in the Southern Maine area, depending on the client’s needs and circumstances. Please note: I have a dog and a cat at home. All cuddling sessions will begin with a brief discussion about the practices of boundaries and consent, which help maintain a safe and supportive environment. Beyond that, sessions are as individual as the clients that seek them. What we do during your time is completely up to your needs, and your comfort. As long as the ground rules are being followed, you can feel free to explore platonic, intimate touch in any way that you can imagine.

I accept most electronic and paper payments and ask for a 24 hr. cancellation notice.



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