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Juan F Salcido

Trained Cuddlist

Session Rate: $80/hour + Travel Fee for Outcalls

Guadalajara, Jal , Mexico

About Juan F Salcido

Juan is a lover of nature. And, it is human nature to love and help one another. He will do just that. He will help everyone and anyone reconnect with the essence of love in a platonic form.

My ideal clients are individuals who can look past social standards and are willing to procure the healing human touch their bodies require in order to recover and recuperate their health and well-being. They may be struggling with poor health -such as constant colds-, loneliness, proclivity to anger, and other forms in which their
bodily need to be comforted may manifest.

Session information from Juan F Salcido

I prefer holding sessions at my clients’ place, thus allowing them to feel more at ease being in their own space. However, if need be, we can meet at my place. We’ll start up by creating a consensual agreement and let our bodies find comfort in each other’s presence.

A cuddling session with me is organic, calm, easy and very relaxing.

The first contact my clients can expect from me is via text or e-mail as they are friendlier means of communication to our busy, modern-day, city-life schedules.

I usually follow my instincts when reading people I meet for the first time. I pay close attention to their body language, their tone, the words they use. I tend to be very intuitive. However, I can only make sure we are a good fit until we have met.


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