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Certified Cuddlist

Session Rate: $100 per hour. Please book your session with me as soon as possible as my schedule fills up quickly . I look forward to cuddling with you soon!

Los Angeles, CA

About Juliet






I’m glad you’re here! Do you feel overwhelmed by the stress of your daily life? Do you sometimes feel isolated, disconnected, and alone? Do you feel anxious, depressed, or touch-deprived? Are you looking for human physical contact with someone kind, understanding, and caring? Cuddling is proven to relieve anxiety, improve mood and enhance positive social connections. It is blissful, relaxing, confidence-boosting, and empowering. I offer the service of warm and welcoming hugs, cuddles, affection, and acceptance, along with a shoulder to lean on, a hand to hold, and true understanding, offering a listening ear. I bring a sense of companionship back to your life, to help you through challenging times, and enhance positive life experiences. I can’t wait to meet you and help you improve the quality of your life!

My dream is to share as much of my work as possible to affect positive change in the world. I feel that the individual is the smallest yet most important minority of all societies and that opening the heart of one individual through touch and attention, has the power to spark resolution, creativity, and evolution for us all. I believe mindful, comforting touch and absolute presence between individuals can save the world.

Session information from Juliet

Cuddle session options include a cup of herbal tea or water and a get-to-know-you session on my cozy couch, looking through my fancy book of cuddles together. We cuddle on my comfy bed. Also available are soothing music (chill-out, lounge, nu-jazz, or classical) usually on Pandora, and scented candles. First, we discuss and agree on consensual boundaries and goals for the Cuddle session. We begin the session after we both feel safe, relaxed, and comfortable with established clear communication. We allow for creativity and exploration during the session, always respecting boundaries and the option for an individual to change his or her mind about the kind of touch that feels right. Feel free to engage in conversation as much or as little as you desire. My place is designed to be welcoming, soothing, encouraging, and nurturing in touch and attitude.

You will feel authentically connected, cared for, and cuddled. I embrace clients of all genders, ethnicities, backgrounds, ages, body types, etc.   I share my space with three shy feline beings. If you are allergic, please consider this. You will most likely not even see them.

Cuddling is therapeutic touch that calms, relaxes, and empowers you. It is a cornerstone of human kindness. If this basic necessity is missing from your life, you can now take steps to enrich your life and your relationships through my unique service of platonic touch and attention.

I will consider same-day and short-notice appointments on a case-by-case basis. Generally, at least two days’ notice is preferred to ensure availability.I ask that you give at least 6 hours notice for cancellations and I request a $20 courtesy fee for cancellations with less than 24 hours’ notice.I prefer payment in advance via Venmo or payment at the start of each session. Cash and BTC are also acceptable. No credit cards are accepted at this time.

Please read and agree to the Cuddlist Code of Conduct before booking a session. If you have any questions, ask! I am happy to answer. I look forward to cuddling with you soon!

Skills & Specialties

healing touch compassionate and engaged conversation Cognitive Behavioral Therapy NLP


Request a session for availability. Afternoons and evenings are preferred. Weekdays and weekends are both available depending on the date. Thanks!

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