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Justin E

Trained Cuddlist

Session Rate: $80/hour

San Antonio, TX

About Justin E

Physical touch is one of the most underutilized love languages as we become adults. Healthy human touch and contact is so important to the mental and emotional state and well-being of others. But at some point as we get older we are told that we are no longer allowed to have it or that it’s scary or that it’s inappropriate. A Cuddlist can help you bring back the safe nurturing aspect of physical touch that is vital to your emotional and mental well-being. Cuddlists recognize how hard it is for people to ask for a hug or to just be held. Cuddlists want to be that safe place where anyone can come and be able to let go, relax, and receive the therapeutic benefits of being held for who they are and for that moment in time.

About Justin: Welcome to Cuddlist! Are you in need of commitment-free, judgement free physical touch? Well, here he is! He is a gentle giant with a compassionate touch. He can’t wait to cuddle you and connect with you.

Because of his history with parental rejection and lack of physical touch growing up, he understands the need for a profession like his to make the world a better place.

With a special needs daughter diagnosed at an early age with Sensory Processing Disorder and Autism Spectrum Disorder the importance of being fully present and using sensory stimulation to include physical touch. It is a matter of turmoil versus peace.

He himself experiences increased energy, lower anxiety, lessened depression symptoms and better mood when being held and touched in a non-sexual way. Physical touch has been a therapeutic tool he has used in his own journey of mental health recovery.

Justin is also a founding member of a not-for-profit organization that is focused on helping military veterans and their families. Through his observations, he has seen how many people struggle with addiction and often times addiction occurs when there is an imbalance in the hormones that have us feel good and happy such as oxytocin and serotonin. Because cuddling can release the hormones in the brain he sees his work as a catalyst and facilitator of platonic physical touch another way that he can bring healing and emotional and mental balance to the people he is currently helping with this cuddle treatment. Holistic healing isn’t always about healing without medicine, it is about healing the whole body and when dealing with PTSD and addiction he will advise and use an approach that could potentially enable them to eventually reduce or get off their medications and live and more free life.Justin is a Gentle Giant. Don’t let the tattoos and long hair scare you off. He is empathetic and compassionate. He is 6’6″ with a 78″ arm span able to wrap completely around you to help you feel safe. He is passionate about physical touch and has a great desire to help people feel comfortable. He is great at conversation with a deep soothing voice.

Session information from Justin E

I only conduct out call sessions and will not charge a travel fee if within a reasonable commuting distance. I am able to provide music and an aroma diffuser if desired. Payment is taken at the beginning of session along with consent form which will be emailed to you prior to our session. Boundaries and a consensual communication agreement will be made and then the session is yours to guide. In addition to cuddling, I am open to conversation to empower you to identify your wants and needs.

Session Rate: $80 per hour for out-calls within 10 miles of 78253, +$20 out call fee for those outside 10 miles. Military/Veteran/Immediate Family rate is $70 per hour with out call fee waived. Fees are collected at the beginning of the session.

For a quicker response, text Justin at 210-790-5095.

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