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Justin J

Trained Cuddlist

Session Rate: $80/hour + travel fees for outcalls

Overland Park, KS

About Justin J

I’m a playful fellow with a lion’s mane for a beard! You are important to me and that is the soul of why I do this. For several years I’ve been looking for a way to give back to society and this is one of my outlets to do that.

People need touch and I am able to provide that in a safe and professional way that allows plenty of room to be free from judgment, allowing you to explore. Life is difficult, and I know what it’s like to feel the need to touch and be touched. Perhaps the most enriching thing for me is getting to know you. I love to listen and interact in a one on one format.

Session information from Justin J

Session Information:

1. Screening

a. Once I get a request from you, I’ll screen you to find out if we will be a good fit. The most important part of that is understanding and agreeing to the boundaries of the relationship set forth in the code of conduct.

2. How the sessions go

a. When we meet (wherever that may be), I’ll again make sure you understand the boundaries of the relationship. It is important to me that we both feel safe and that we can trust each other. That way, we can be free to be ourselves and enjoy our time together.
b. Within the confines of the boundaries, there is only one rule. Neither of us do anything we are uncomfortable with. That applies to topics of discussion, cuddling position, how and where we have physical contact and everything in between. I will ask you to verbally confirm that you give me your word of honor that you will tell me if you are uncomfortable in any way and I will reciprocate.
c. I’ll take your payment.
d. We will briefly get oriented to our surroundings by noting where the restroom is and what spaces are available for cuddling.
e. We get to it 🙂 I’ll endeavor to find out what you want and I genuinely want to know. Sometimes it is hard to tell others what we want, so we can even play some games with it if you don’t know. If all else fails, I can help you narrow it down by giving you options. If you just want to sit and talk, that is a blast for me too. The key is that this is your time and I’m going to be relentless in my quest to find out what you want and try to be accommodating if I am comfortable with it and it’s within the boundaries.
f. Around 10 minutes before our session is over, I’ll let you know the time is approaching when I have to leave and ask you if there is anything you want to do with the balance of the time remaining.

3. Things to expect

a. When we first meet, it will be something I’ve never done with you before. The newness will probably feel slightly awkward for both of us at first. That is totally fine and natural. It’s okay to feel that way – I probably will too. We both have permission to feel this way. It is a feeling that probably won’t last long. I like people, and you will probably sense rather quickly that it is safe to be your true self around me.
b. Within the confines of the boundaries set forth in the code of conduct, you can request anything of me but I am free to say no to anything. I want you to ask me everything you want and be honest with yourself. If I am uncomfortable with the request I am going to tell you no, and ask you to do the same with me. It is okay to be denied a request. It isn’t a judgment on you. There is nothing wrong with asking. In fact, we will probably play a 30 second game practicing rejecting requests from one another to show ourselves that it is ok to ask, and ok to say no.
c. When cuddling it is perfectly natural to become sexually aroused. Neither of us are in control of these bodily functions, but we are certainly in control of choosing whether to act on them. I’m not going to judge you if you become aroused (I’ll probably feel quite flattered), but if it becomes distracting, or you’re having difficulty controlling yourself, or if I sense that you are encouraging it, we will stop, talk about it and find a way to make changes so that it isn’t an issue (maybe changing positions, taking a break to get some water, or just sitting upright and talking about it candidly).  Even if any of these things happen, I’m still not going to judge you, get upset, or anything negative like that. I’m just not going to allow it to break any boundaries of the code of conduct or allow it to make either of us uncomfortable.
d. If the boundaries are broken or you do something I’m uncomfortable with, I will give you a reminder of the boundaries on your first offense. If it happens again, we will stop what we are doing and will talk about it until I feel certain you understand the boundaries and will abide by them. If it happens again, I’ll remove myself from the situation by ending the session without a refund.


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