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Trained Cuddlist

Session Rate: $200/2hrs; $400/4hrs.

Encino, CA

About Kalina

Congratulations on finding this type of self-care!

Are you in need for a meaningful, warm, sincere human connection? Are you tired of caring for others and want to be cared for? Or have you gone through a physical touch-related trauma and need a safe, nurturing, platonic touch? In either case, you’ll be in trustworthy & compassionate hands.

Confident, relaxed & blessed is how I feel when I get hugs from my husband, friends and family. Which made me appreciate the power of touch all the more. I would love to help you relax and feel good in your body.

I believe we all have the potential to feel great from within.

Whatever you decide, I am excited to share a heart-warming time with you!


“Kalina is beautiful inside and out. I was touched by yesterday’s session, by Kalina’s motherly warmth. I wished the session could have lasted the entire night.”

“highly professional cuddler. it was a good experience meeting her. she has a clear idea and sets the expectations properly before the session!”

Session information from Kalina

After you fill out the Cuddlist Session Request Form, we will meet in a coffee shop for a 30-45min meeting. We will get to know a little more about each other and determine if we are a good fit.

My sessions are 2 or 4 hours long.

I do my sessions at the Pasadena Healing Touch located in Old Town Pasadena. There is a comfy bed with several blankets, pillows and AC. There is a limited 4 hour free street parking. Give yourself at least 20min to park and walk to the office.

We begin with going over the Cuddlist Code of Conduct and Opening Agreement. We complete payment through Zelle or PayPal. We discuss consensual touch and position to being with. I set my alarm for 10min prior end of session with client’s consent. I offer water bottles & snacks and play soft piano music on YouTube.

Afterwards, if comfortable I do sessions at clients’ home. I travel up to about 20miles.

I charge for mileage depending on distance and time of day.

Skills & Specialties

Yoga; Meditation;
SAG-AFTRA actress & singer

Social work as a Buddhist for Soka Gakkai International (www.sgi-usa.org) & a singer for First Presbyterian Church of Encino.


Request a session for availability. I do not accept same day requests.

I have flexible availability. Mostly free in the afternoons. Some evenings as well.