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Certified Cuddlist

Session Rate: $60/hour + Travel Fee for Outcalls

Vancouver, WA | Portland, OR (Metro)

About Karen

 In an increasingly “connected” world, do you feel alone? Has a recent or prolonged loss so upended your world that you feel overwhelmed? Have you lost touch with people who once were your support? Do you long to feel the comfort you felt when your parents held you and made you feel safe? Do you just need a long hug? Have you never had the nurturing support of another person and know you need it? I know how these things felt to me.

When my son died in 1985, I was devastated, overwhelmed, and at a loss for what to do. I had to find a way to grieve while still being a good mom to my younger son. I went through the grieving process and, with time, now have a full life. I learned that I wasn’t alone and found that personal faith can carry you through the toughest times.

I want everyone who is feeling isolated, alone, happy or sad, to feel that when you have a cuddling session with me that you are cared about; that you matter and are heard without judgment. Your feelings will be respected and your emotions are welcome.

My hope is that, whatever your beliefs are, at the end of your cuddling session you know that the world is not indifferent to you, your concerns, or your struggles.

I have many years of experience of being a chapter leader of The Compassionate Friends, a bereavement support group, and a Social Service Director in nursing and rehab facilities. Helping hospice and end of life patients and families has let me help many people in their darkest hours.

Having my Psychology degree has been valuable, but walking with people in their hours of greatest need has taught me great empathy. I am at ease with the depth of emotions of people who are in crisis or continue to be systematically diminished by years of bad circumstances.

I have relied on the work of Dr. Albert Ellis, Psychologist who has developed a list of the 13 most common misbeliefs that reduces happiness and change. What we say to ourselves in self-talk has a profound effect on moving forward and letting go of the major and minor hurts in life.

13 Misbeliefs

I aspire to cuddle and encourage everyone.  My heart and mind are open for you to experience the warmth and empathy of my unique ability to bond and nurture. Cuddling takes many forms so you have many options as to how our time is shared. It can be as simple and holding hands, many forms of embrace to dancing.

Session information from Karen

Cuddling will take place at my home living room with couch/ottoman/loveseat joined together. I provide many pillows. I provide freshly laundered pillow cases for each client. I have aromatherapy with essential oils and relaxing music or silence.

Cuddling is strictly platonic! Clothing stays on at all times, and the mood is affectionate and nurturing rather than romantic, and I’ll quickly re-align the session if it veers in that direction.

I am located in Vancouver, WA with great access from 205 from either Millplain or 164th Avenue. Main cross streets are 164th Ave and SE 1st ST. Quick and easy access from Portland metro area. I am 8 blocks from the bus line. Parking in driveway or on street.

I ask each client to bring a freshly laundered cuddling outfit (not their street clothes). The client can change just before the session starts. For your cuddle outfit, please bring a t-shirt or long sleeve shirt/pajama top long enough to tuck in, long shorts to the knee or (comfortable pants—pajama or sweat pants) and clean socks.

Within 24 hours of your request, you will receive an email as first contact, with specific guidelines and instructional information. There will be a waiver and a questionnaire for you to read since both are very important and required.

Then we arrange a short face to face interview to establish trust and discuss the documentation I sent you. I will need to see ID that I will copy and have it on file.  If we find that we are indeed compatible we can schedule a session. I require a signed waiver and a non-refundable deposit ($20 per hour scheduled) to hold your appointment time. I use Cash or PayPal.  Your deposit counts towards your total session cost. The remainder of your session cost is due at the beginning of your session. I take cash for initial session. Cancellations must be made 24 hours in advance in order to transfer a deposit to a new session time.


Skills & Specialties

Outcalls may be requested. I specialize in heath care settings like the hospital or a senior care facility. Teaching communication skills: setting personal boundaries giving consent and practicing saying "No" and establishing the skill of asking for what you want during the session.


Available 7 days a week, morning to late evening... accommodating different work schedules.

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