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Katarina C.

Trained Cuddlist

Session Rate: First session: $120/ hour + Travel Fee for Outcalls. Second session and up: $130/hour. 4-hour bundle for $500 (can be split into several sessions), $800 flat rate for all-day or all-night session (8 hours), virtual session rate $85/hour. If you're interested in discounts, request a session and state that you want to be added to my list of clients. I often send out offers up to 50% off to all my clients depending on my availability:) ⭐️OFFER FOR NEW CLIENTS⭐️ 15% off your first hour and a half-hour of free cuddle time added onto your second session!

Clearwater, FL

About Katarina

Helping people feel calm, safe, loved, and at peace is my passion. Being a vegan for the past 11 years drastically enhanced my ability to connect with all beings and myself. Combined with my strong love for touch, this makes me a powerful generator of love, connection, and peace. I would love for you to experience the deep fulfillment and healing that comes from having the most important human need (connection) met through my caring touch and loving presence.

Living a healthy, self-loving life while respecting others is my priority. I was born in beautiful Slovakia and moved to the United States in 2018 where I worked as a nanny and a senior companion. I’m currently a student pilot. I strive to always be respectful, attentive, honest, loyal, and reliable. My biggest hobby is learning about behavioral psychology and nutrition.

When I came across the Cuddlist website I felt thrilled because I finally found a way to connect with people in the way that brings me the most pleasure using my favorite love language-touch!
It can be very hard to find a comforting, platonic, caring touch in today’s society, especially when we are single. Cuddling sessions can fill that need and help us approach future relationships from a place of fulfillment rather than from a place of lack. If we aren’t careful, we can develop a touch-deprived neediness that can cause us to make poor long-term relationship decisions. Satisfying our need for safe connection and touch makes us more relaxed, confident, and happy which leads to becoming way more attractive! Date with confidence, not neediness.

Most of us grow up feeling starved of an undivided presence, attention, and affection due to being neglected, which can happen totally unintentionally. During childhood, emotional safety, being comforted, and having your feelings validated, heard, seen, felt, and understood are needs that are supposed to be met. When they are not met, it sets us up for an unhappy and unfulfilling life and we may feel starved and depressed as an adult. This kind of trauma is often harder to spot than any other abuse because it is about the things that were missing – what was not there and what was not done as opposed to the abuse that was done and visible. As a result, we grow up into adults asking ourselves “what is wrong with me” because our childhood was seemingly “perfect” yet we feel like life is just too painful and full of suffering. The thing is that if growing up your emotional needs were met, you would grow up into a thriving, healthy human living a fulfilling life. That is just not the case for many people.

The good news is that we can reparent our inner child by experiencing all that was missing and heal the relational trauma by seeking a deep connection, safety, and comfort from people that are able to provide it to us.

Cuddle therapy provides a beautiful way of satisfying the need for connection that can be very difficult to fulfill in our ordinary lives. Getting a full unconditional presence and undivided attention while feeling completely emotionally safe, and comforted by a nurturing person, is life-changing! When our need for connection is not met, we tend to cope with emptiness by filling up the void with food, substances, and harmful behaviors. When our brain feels safe and our emotional needs are met, the brain can focus on growth, love, and success much easier.

Session information from Katarina

Click the Request a Session button and fill out the form including the place you live.
Once you complete your cuddle request form, I will contact you to schedule a complimentary 20-minute (or so) phone conversation with you where we can get acquainted and go over your intake questions. Click the Request a Session button and submit your request form to schedule your complimentary 20-minute intake conversation right away.

Respecting this procedure helps me to become more comfortable with you as we determine whether we really are a good fit. You’ll have time to speak about any desires, questions, or concerns you may have. We’ll usually schedule our first cuddle session during this conversation.
There is a non-refundable scheduling deposit of half the cuddling fee in advance for new clients in order to guarantee your spot. This deposit counts towards your session fee and is forfeited if there is a last minute cancellation. At the beginning of the session, you pay the balance with cash, Venmo, CashApp, Zelle, or PayPal.

What to Expect
When you are with me, I want you to feel welcome and relaxed, as though you are on vacation with someone who cares about you. You have my complete attention, and I’m in no hurry. Stress falls away.
You can expect a nice handshake with an invitation to a warm hug. It’s perfectly fine to say no to this invitation to touch.
From the beginning, communication like this serves to establish trust. It’s important that we build trust from the start. We follow with a short conversation, making a commitment to keep open communication about the rich platonic touch experience we are creating. It is helpful to have a few ideas in mind for how you would like to begin your cuddle session, so think about it beforehand.
Our agreements and established intentions carry us through our session, ensuring that comfort, needs, and boundaries are being communicated and respected all around throughout our time together. This gives us a safe space to discover the shape of our cuddling. While staying firmly within the boundaries of the Cuddlist Code of Conduct, I enjoy being creative during our session. Limited only by imagination, our cuddling becomes a dance of mutual consent.

My cuddle space is located in Palm Harbor, FL. There are other cuddling possibilities! They include
a public park or the beach
a movie theater
a coffee shop with comfy sofas
a hospice or retirement community
an Airbnb or other rented space
possibly your residence or
another place that you suggest.

We will negotiate traveling fees and other costs.

Location and Parking
My cuddle space is located in Palm Harbor, 34683. Parking is free of charge.

Tell me you read all the way to the end and I will give you 15% off your first hour and add a half-hour of free cuddle time onto your second session!

To get the most out of what you are looking for from your session, please review the Code of Conduct and view some Cuddlist videos.

Skills & Specialties

"Stress relief/relaxation Psychology Enthusiast Self Love Coach Excellent Listening and Compassion Skills Great conflict resolution skills Extremely open-minded 11 years of Plant Based Lifestyle Meditation Student pilot Sun and Fruit Lover"


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