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Kate B.

Trained Cuddlist

Session Rate: $80/hour + Travel Fee for Outcalls

Rougemont, NC

About Kate B.

She/her/hers, COVID Vaccinated and boosted! 

Are you craving more intentional affection or cuddly care in your life? Do you just want someone to listen without judgement while you speak, or hold you while you cry, or rub your head and play with your hair while you read a book or watch your favorite show? Have you ever wished you could ask your massage therapist to just tickle your back for an hour instead? Do you happen to be in fulfilling relationships with people who you are simply mis-matched with in terms of love language or need for touch? Are you looking for a safe person to practice asking for what you want and speaking up for your boundaries and needs? Are you just craving a really damn good hug from someone who won’t ask for your affection in return? What if all the platonic care you desire was just a few conversations and consensual agreements away?

Cuddle therapy is an excellent way to explore therapeutic touch, and can be a great foundation for somatic healing, as well as providing a safe relationship to practice speaking up for our limits, boundaries, comforts, desires, and needs in a comfortable environment with a trained practitioner.

About Me: I am a kinesthetic, queer, fat, polyamorous potter who grew up in an intentional farming community with many affectionate women, and in all of those circles I’ve learned much about compassion, love, care, acceptance, presence, consent, boundaries, touch, vulnerability, cooperation, and communication especially. I’m basically one of those comfy/cozy people who just wants to make everyone feel safe, heard, and loved, and I just give damn good hugs!

While I am still new to this field of Cuddle Therapy, I have a lifetime of experience in caring for others in my circles and community and am excited to lovingly work together to co-create the cuddle experience of your dreams.

Session information from Kate B.

I am available for both in-calls and out-calls however I do live north of the triangle, out in the country so it might be a drive to my place. Because of this I do also charge an out-call travel fee depending on your location/distance.

For in-calls I’m able to offer a few different options: the couch in my living room with lots of windows and views of the forest, a cozy guest bedroom, a massage table, (fyi: I am NOT a licensed professional) and even a screened-in porch space. I do have two cats as roommates, but they are very quiet and sweet and can be kept upstairs upon request. 

Once you send me a cuddle request please give me 24hrs to send you my intake form which just has some basic compatibility questions as well as consent and boundaries info. After that I offer a free 15-30min Zoom call so we can get to know each other and decide whether we feel comfortable working together, and we’ll co-create whatever care you need from there if we both feel like a Yes!


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