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Kate R

Trained Cuddlist

Session Rate: $80/hour for In-calls $80/hour + Travel Fee for Outcalls

Kitchener, Ontario, Canada

About Kate R

I invite you to experience the power of professional therapeutic touch that can bring your entire self back to balance and alignment.We live in a society that is so shut down to being in the true state we are meant to be in. I would love the opportunity to share this space with you.

I invite you to experience the power of professional therapeutic touch that can bring your entire self back to balance and alignment.

A quick nugget about me that is very important for my clients to be aware of. I am Deaf by birth. I do not hear. I speak and read lips. I have also use American Sign Language should my client need. My ability to communication is mainly with visualization. I listen with my eyes. Hence the lip reading I engage with as I interact. My other senses such as filtering information from energy, body language, body language and facial expressions are extremely innate. Only thing I would request is if we doing a cuddled position that doesn’t allow for visualization of your lips, we would move positions so I ‘can’ hear you by you facing me. If you aren’t wishing to speak we can cuddle quietly. At any point in time if I wish or you wish to converse by speaking- we will let one another know to face each other. I wish not to miss anything you have to say. It is extremely important that I understand you as a client.

We all are beautiful, complex and intelligent beings. Yet we often forget that our being is created of 3 major components: mind, body and emotions. In life we engage mentally with work, finances and family. We often treat our bodies like a car – a thing that keeps us moving forward – and our emotions get thrown into the backseat, forgotten.

I invite and offer you to explore and experience the power of safe, platonic, therapeutic touch. It can change your present state. I have personally seen and witnessed the dramatic shift in old beliefs and stories that clients were able to release and heal from. Seeing and experiencing that dramatic transformation has made me a huge believer that our healing must not only be mental and emotional but also physical. Words can only go so deep.

The sensation of touch is important to the human psyche. Touch crosses the intellectual part of our brains and brings us to a fully conscious state of mind.

Finding my voice to be able to vocally say “yes” and “no” was a huge revelation to me. It taught me personally about my own beliefs growing up, how I had to just be uncomfortable regardless of what I felt concerning what was happening. I would not have known the power of using my voice to heal had I not had the opportunity to cuddle with a client.

My goals for our session includes being able to have a safe and trustworthy space to ask for what you want, to receive touch with both of us in our consent and affirmation. I want you to be able to be free, curious and exploring how things make you feel when a certain touch is received or given.

Contact me and book a cuddle session. Learn to trust yourself and whatever you decide. Entertain what it could feel like to have a cuddle session.

Session information from Kate R

I conduct my sessions at Outcall locations for Kitchener/Cambridge ON areas. Please make sure if you live in an apartment that I am fully aware of your unit number to call in – reminder I am Deaf (text would be appreciated when I arrive).

For all other locations (Guelph, Mississauga, Woodstock etc).

I provide IN-CALLS at my location in Kitchener ON.

We will begin by creating a safe place with a consensual communication agreement. Remember to be freshly clean, well groomed and properly dressed for a cuddle session and I will do the same. In addition to cuddling, I work with clients to explore on empowering their thoughts, habits and behaviors. Cuddling can softly draw out opportunities to heal, to change and to grow in a safe and nurturing environment. Please give me 24 hours notice for cancellation. Travel fees applies.

Skills & Specialties

life purpose coaching goals to success coaching happiness coaching rewriting your life story coaching therapeutic art coaching I am certified in ASSIST suicide prevention I am currently doing my Master's in Life Coaching and working towards Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner I have experience first hand with individuals with mental health/chronic illnesses/ and disabilities. I have taken care of individuals who were in palliative care and were terminal. Studying a multitude of tools for therapeutic use such as CBT and DBT/ EMT/ REBT.


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