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Kat K

Certified Cuddlist

Session Rate: $100/hour

St Paul, MN | Oakland, CA (on occasion)

About Kat Kolegas

Important Note:  My requests for bookings have not been reaching me.  We are in the process of fixing this problem.  In the meantime, if you send a request, please just send me an email at katsmagic3@gmail.com to let me know.  Thanks so much:)

Minnesota’s first Cuddlist and Associate Trainer. I have expertise in the areas of stress reduction, radical self-love, emotional regulation, and integrating ones spiritual self with their physical, emotional and sensual selves. I found that after years of meditating, doing yoga, running, eating well and generally being ‘spiritual’, I still felt very empty, alone and actually avoided real connection. As a human being who is very body centered, I have always experienced my true essence through my senses. Connecting with people physically is, in my opinion, the most direct route to our own divinity and love. That is why I cuddle!

“Kat is a loving light who is dedicated to positive, mutually beneficial connection with other beings. She is well versed in consent and boundaries and has personally provided me with safe, beautiful spaces.” ~Amber

“I loved our time together. Stroking your hair, feeling you close, all while feeling safe, comfortable, and confident was amazing! You are a gifted, beautiful person!” ~ Michael

“After our session, I was able to share some of what we went over with my wife and ask for more affection. I’ve already learned a lot!” ~Sara

“You are really incredible.  I am seriously so calm and relaxed leaving you.  I feel better than after a massage.” ~ Anthony

“It’s a great feeling to know that even though I might not always be able to open up and be “me”, there is a safe place that I can go to share it with someone that cares and understands. I can’t believe how big of a difference just knowing that makes. You made me feel comfortable and understood and I’m extremely grateful.” ~Terrance

“I thought it would feel so strange to cuddle up next to a stranger, but you totally made it feel natural. I loved it. I found it comforting and nurturing – and something I have really needed. Two hours felt like two minutes!” ~Silvia

“This is the first time I can remember being pain free in 12 years!  And it’s been three days!!!” ~Henrich

Note: LGBTQIA+ friendly.  Open to all genders and people.  She/her pronouns. Experience working with people with Trauma, ASD (and other neurologically diversities), MS, Selective Mutism, memory and speech loss, trigeminal neuralgia, Anxiety Disorders and other challenges. Fluent in Spanish.

Session information from Kat Kolegas

Check out my YouTube Channel for some videos I made about cuddling.

Upon arrival, I will orient you to my home and cuddle space, offer you a glass of purified water and ask you if you have a music preference.  You can wear comfy clothes or change when you get here.  Cuddle sessions take place in a cozy room on a plush queen size mattress with fuzzy blankets, lots of pillows, unscented candles and a calm ambiance.  The Cuddlist Code of Conduct, along with boundary setting and consent exercises, will allow us to build a container that makes cuddling safe, comfortable, non-sexual and extremely satisfying. Cuddling will give you the opportunity to have an intimate connection with another human being while practicing feeling into and asking for the kind of touch that you desire. If you struggle to know what you like or ask for it, I will guide you in noticing what you enjoy and being able to put it into words.  This kind of practice inevitably spills into your everyday life, leaving you feeling more centered and loving as well as confident to ask for what you want and comfortable with both yes and no as a response.  And of course, cuddling promotes presence and relaxation; It is nearly impossible to let your mind wander when someone is massaging your scalp, touching your face or snuggling into your body. Through cuddling, you will have the opportunity to move closer to your true essence: to quiet, feel into, relax and come back to yourself deeply.

Note: I have a cat, a large dog and a child who are all very mellow and often present.  There is one flight of stairs up to the cuddle space, please inquire if this restricts your accessibility.  I ask my clients to refrain from wearing cologne or perfume.

Payment:  Paypal or cash at the beginning of a session.
Cancellation Policy:  24 hour notice or 50% fee

Skills & Specialties

Associate Trainer with Cuddlist Experiential Sex and Relationship Coach Life Transition Coach Emotional Regulation Coach Ecstatic Dancer Fluent in Spanish


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