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Certified Cuddlist

Session Rate: $80/hour for in person sessions. $40/hour for virtual sessions.

Duluth, MN

About Keera

Covid Protocol: I have been fully vaccinated and require my clients to be as well with no symptoms. If not fully vaccinated, we can talk about other options. I am comfortable with not wearing masks during our sessions, but I am also happy to wear a mask if that would lead to a more secure-feeling experience. At the start of each session, I ask that we either hand-sanitize or wash our hands to begin.

***VIRTUAL SESSIONS NOW BEING OFFERED: $40/hour. As we value the safety of all by moving further away physically, I am glad to offer virtual connection during this confusing and often extra lonely time to still foster connection and closeness that so many of us crave. If you need a virtual shoulder to lean on and a caring, warm, empathetic confidant to chat with and listen to your hopes, worries, and thoughts, I’d feel blessed to share that with you. Request a virtual session, and we’ll look to see how we can connect!***

Pssst … are you looking to feel seen, connected, and just all around happier? You may have found the perfect outlet for that! I’m Keera, and I’m a Somatic Attention Therapy provider here to provide you with a safe, judgement-free space to be yourself and experience the love and relaxation that comes from platonic touch.

Our culture can be repressed and disconnected. We can be guarded, afraid of touch, and worried about making others uncomfortable with our needs. We can float around in little bubbles, often feeling alone while we put on a brave face. With Somatic Attention therapy, you get a chance to fully connect. You get to be with a person who understands and is truly interested in you. You get to feel soothed and uplifted with human contact and undivided attention.

With all of that, I also promise to be honest with you, and I ask that you’re honest with me. Through our mutual openness, we can connect even further. This means that you’ll never wonder if I’m uncomfortable or pretending to be okay. You’ll know that I’m sincerely happy to be sharing space with you. I ask the same of you because I find your consent and feelings to be of utmost important.

For me, sharing platonic touch and distraction-free attention makes me feel alive, loved, connected, relaxed, and seen. It helps to boost me when I’m feeling down and recharges me so that I’m ready to face the world. I want those benefits for you. In fact, I’d like the entire world to be more connected. It’s my mission in life to bring people together through unconditional warm regard and healing touch.

If you’re looking for a connection and touch therapy session and all the benefits it can provide, I’d be honored to share that experience with you.

Session information from Keera

My Session Information

For new clients, I ask that we have a quick phone call, coffee, or zoom chat before a regular, in person cuddle session. That way, I can answer questions, and we can get an idea if we’ll be a good match for each other.

I do both out-calls, in-calls, and virtual meetings. If you’d prefer an out-call, I ask that your space is tidy, safe, and free of distractions. For in-calls at my home, I have a six foot bean bag chair and large comfy couch with plenty of pillows and cozy blankets.

My in-person sessions start with your choice of greeting – a hug, a handshake, a fist bump, etc, and you get to keep choosing what you’re looking for throughout our time together. We’ll cover our general agreement that in a nutshell states that we promise each other that we’ll speak up at any time for any reason if we feel uncomfortable. From there, we can start in any position that feels good to both of us. We can chat or be silent. We can laugh or cry. We don’t even need to share touch. It’s all about what you’re looking for and what I’m sincerely happy to provide to you.

Payment is due at the start of the session, and I take PayPal, Venmo, and cash.

Thank you, and I’m looking forward to connecting with you!

Skills & Specialties

Reiki 2 Certified Empathetic Listener Massage Learner Trauma-conscious


Please request a session for availability :) I'm available for in person sessions in Duluth, MN or Superior, WI.

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