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Kendall Nichole

Trained Cuddlist

Session Rate: $80/hr plus travel

Berkeley, CA

About Kendall Nichole

Allow yourself to sink into this special form of self-care. I believe that platonic touch is a crucial part of our connection needs, and it’s something not often met in our society.

When we have our connection needs met in a variety of ways (not just in a romantic relationship), we’re able to show up with more center in so many areas of our life and as more confident versions of ourselves.

Platonic touch is also a beautiful way to explore and navigate loving boundaries and communication that can be brought into other relationships.

I truly believe that we need to lean on others more. We’re taught to hustle and do everything alone. Let yourself be held or hold someone and take a moment to slow down, breathe, and receive!

My intention is to create a safe space to express desires while respecting each other’s boundaries. This container is truly a co-creation! Perhaps you want to explore different forms of touch, or even have someone to talk to about things you can’t talk to anyone else. This time together is about your needs and we’ll co-create space together.

All emotions are welcome and invite you to fully express here!

As a dancer, trained life coach and NLP practitioner, energy healer, and having learned various forms of authentic relating and facilitation, I love creating spaces and attuning to whatever’s present in the moment.

Session information from Kendall Nichole

Once you request a session – we will arrange a video call to make sure we are on the same page and a good fit.

We’ll take care of payment at the start, so we don’t have to worry about it during or after.

Typically I prefer sessions at the client’s space – it’s ideal that the space is clean and feels good. I’m happy to bring things to help make the space comfortable, like pillows, blankets, essential oils, candles, etc.

Currently, I am not taking any sessions at my own space.

Skills & Specialties

Reiki energy healing Life Coaching Certification NLP & Hypnotherapy Practitioner Herbalist


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