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Kris S

Trained Cuddlist

Session Rate: $80/hour + Travel Fee for Outcalls (non-ambulatory clients within 30 miles ONLY)

Jamestown, NY

About Kris S.


Covid Protocol: I am not vaccinated, and do not require my clients to be vaccinated. I can wear a mask or client can wear a mask. I wash my hands before each session and expect my clients to wash their hands before the session.

I have always been interested in the healing arts, but found that the medical field was not for me. I wanted to be able to help people’s minds along with their hearts, but never quite found a niche I was looking for. Until I found Cuddlist training. After reading about what a cuddlist is, does and watching several videos on how physical touch is lacking in our society, and how we are all physical touch deprived. I wanted to learn more. It was fascinating to me how being a cuddlist is not just about physical touch, but about finding your authentic self. So many times we push away our wants, or needs to “keep the peace” or to sacrifice for others. We have a tendency to neglect ourselves.

Cuddlist therapy is about creating a safe space where a person is allowed to say what they want and don’t. The person is able to identify what a true “YES” and a true “NO” FEELS like within them. By identifying these TRUE feelings the person builds confidence and safety within themselves. This confidence and safety within oneself is then carried outside of the session into their everyday lives. This confidence and safety within oneself is what helps a person thrive in and outside of the Cuddlist session.
Let me help you THRIVE!

I am mother of 3 wonderful kids, and a transplant to the Jamestown, NY area. Currently I am studying to become a certified life coach and taking anxiety coping classes to better serve my Cuddlist clients. I also practice the martial art Jiu Jitsu. I was raised by a man that is paralyzed on the left side. I was born and raised in an environment where I had to be a caregiver, so it comes naturally to me. With my dad’s disability he would have seizures and be unable to communicate verbally which in turn made me hypersensitive to others mental, emotional, and physical needs without communication. I am an avid tarot reader which I do to strengthen my intuition.

I look forward to meeting you!

Session information from Kris S.

I currently conduct my sessions at My new location. The new location  has flexible hours,  a small dog, parakeet and the restroom is on the second floor. If you are in need accommodations I have a location I can rent, with limited hours. It has pillows and blankets and we will sit on the floor and become comfortable with each other.

Once you submit a request I will email you a copy of the Cuddlist Code of Conduct, that you must agree to through email. I will then reach out and schedule a day and time that best suits both of us.

I will have you fill out some paperwork including a Covid-19 waiver. And we discuss the agreement of the session.

Payment is due at the time of SCHEDULING. There is no negotiating this. I have had too many people waste my time.

I will only travel to anyone that is not physically capable of traveling to my location, within 30 miles of Jamestown, NY.

Link to a TV interview done by me:

Erie News Now TV interview

Buffalo News Paper interview




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