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Trained Cuddlist

Session Rate: $125/hr

Austin, TX

About Krissyjae

I love mindfulness, ecstatic dance, being with nature, food, relaxing, studying nutrition science and spirituality. People say I’m sweet and I feel like I’m a blend of bubbly, laid back, compassionate, and zen-like.
Professional cuddler of 1.5 years
Cuddlist trained
Can be guest and host!
CUDDLING STYLE  is active cuddling sensory exploration, I love giving/ receiving face and all over the body skin caresses, light touches, bear hugs, head massages / scratches, belly rubs and light massages everywhere except where swimsuits cover.
I am here to see you, appreciate you and celebrate ourselves and what it means to be human.
My container is safe, 100% platonic, and consent based for both parties- one where you’re free to be yourself – no judgements whatsoever.
THANK YOU for taking care of yourself and doing the work of holistic healing

Session information from Krissyjae

$125/hr – Cathartic Cuddling session
$150/hr cuddling plus light massage
$175/hr-The wholistic healing package
Guided meditation
Massage therapy all over body
Reiki style Healing touch
Optional add ons:
Connection games
Holistic nutrition therapy (mind ,body, spirit)
Intimacy and relationship coaching
Deals and Specials:
*Refer a buddy and get the healing package for $125 when they complete a 2 hour session with me !*
I’ve partnered with a therapist to get yall the best healing package !!
When you book your first session with me , you’ll receive one FREE counseling service with my vetted spiritual guide!(she has a MS in counseling)
After that only $50 /50 min sessions!
***We’ll discuss everything in detail via a FREE 15 min zoom call !! ***
Message me to schedule a free 15-30 min zoom call so we can assess and accommodate your needs and desires and I can tell you more of how I conduct my sessions. I will state what my rules and boundaries are as well.
Cuddling benefits include :
 Improved sleep metrics- deeper longer sleep
Elevated mood and dopamine
Move from fight or flight to rest and digest nervous system
Elevated immune system -less doctor visits
Lowered blood pressure
Better digestion
 Increased neuroplasticity
Positive outlook on society and environment
Better heart centered decision making
More success in career and family
Cuddle positions :
Recliner/easy chair
Big and little spoon
Straight legged /relaxed Lotus
Gonna be okay
Recumbent bicycle
Listen to the (heart ) beat
Sardines (foot rub pose)
Cheek to cheek
Face cuddling
Eye gazing
Cool runnings
 Burrito of love
Gangnam style
Fanny pack
Mon-Sat 10am-8pm
With exceptions made for 3+ Hour cuddles or overnights
8hrs sleep time =$50/hr=$400
Plus two hours awake cuddles =$600
Or four hours awake cuddles =$800
Minimum for overnights is $600, I generally require at least one cuddle session before I’ll do an over night, booking longer sessions I’d consider it -like $800 (12 hour) sessions
cuddling via zoom includes:
Guided meditation
Mini free spiritual healing session
Cards for connection games
Chatting/getting to know one another
Dancing  or whatever else floats your boat
Phone calls are $1/ minute !
PUBLIC spaces –
 Picnic cuddles at the park
Sit down dinners
Dancing /going to shows
No kissing anywhere. No touching anywhere a swimsuit covers. No touching of the thighs with hands.
Please ask consent before touching other areas.
Take a shower /arrive clean but no cologne please.
Look forward to meeting you
for new professional cuddlers-$100/hr zoom call !
Other PROFESSIONAL CUDDLERS- I would love to get tea and talk about cuddling and strategize! Would totally be fun so hmu!


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