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Trained Cuddlist

Session Rate: $80/hr plus travel

Brooklyn, NY

About Kristian

We are all moving a million miles an hour in each and every direction, and with that contemporaneous existence we tend to lose some focus on ourselves. Throw in a global pandemic and it can feel very isolating.

The concept of a cuddle, of a hug, is simple; yet it reaches those places within us that are our most vulnerable, our most genuine, and oftentimes our most deprived. It is that, that I offer to provide to you. But the therapeutic value of a cuddling session is not simply about the touch alone, it is about the connection that can be formed; a connection rooted in mutual respect, warmth, and safety. As a Cuddlist, I look forward to providing a safe, nurturing, and calming space where we can both relax and feel comforted.

My academic and professional training is in behavior analysis. I received my doctorate in 2018 and entered into academia shortly thereafter. I’m also a storyteller, performing a few of those stories live. In short, I talk and I listen for a living. Student course evaluations upon request, only kidding.

Every Cuddlist offers a unique experience, and every cuddle session is a unique experience itself. My goal is to help you feel that you have ascertained the experience you initially set out for. Whether through a hug, a cuddle, or binge-watching tv together, my intention is to help you reconnect with yourself.

At this time, all sessions are in the comfort of your home. Feel free to wear something comfortable. The softer the better. Upon my arrival, we will first have a conversation about touch in general, and this is where we can discuss what our rules and parameters are. Once done we can outline how you would like the rest of the session to go: to talk, to cuddle, I’m game. If at any time our cuddle position becomes uncomfortable, let me know and we can rearrange to a position that feels better. Comfort and consent are dynamic, and I’m here to honor that. Availability Request a session for availability

Session information from Kristian

Regarding your cuddle space, being that I am intensely allergic to cats, my only stipulation would be a cat-free environment. I am convinced that there is a world-wide plan by all cats to purposely and intentionally rub themselves all over my face upon seeing me. I can’t let them win. But other than that, your space can be my space.

If there are any accommodations I should be aware of, do not hesitate to let me know. Also, I am team Moderna. I received my second vaccine in February. At this time, I am only accepting session requests from those that are also vaccinated.

Cancellation Details: Please expect to compensate me for 50% of my hourly fee if you cancel less than 24 hours prior to your cuddle session.

Payment: I prefer Venmo, but accept cash and CashApp. Just let me know your preference.

Skills & Specialties

storytelling great listening skills


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