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Lamar Renville

Certified Cuddlist

Session Rate: $80 1 hr

Sedona, AZ

About Lamar Renville

Pronouns They/She


I believe that touch has the ability to heal and connect us on a deeper level than we often reach in our “normal” daily lives. Touch is basic to our existence yet it can feel so far away. Our culture has often taught us that touch and affection are reserved only for those we are in a romantic or sexual relationship with. Yet we can be connected through touch in a much broader way. It is my goal here at Cuddlist to offer you the safe nurturing space of platonic touch as well as model a different way of communicating and sharing safe, direct intimacy.

I am an empath which means that I am fluent in feeling what other people are feeling. My experience with Cuddlist as well as Massage Therapy and Energy work has taught me that their is a language underneath words that can be spoken in silence, through touch. It is this way of reaching out to the Heart’s of my clients that is my passion in life. Love arises in me for all beings who share safe nurturing space with me and it is my deepest wish to share this with you.

I am also queer / non-binary and invite people of all orientations to connect with me.



Session information from Lamar Renville

I’m currently available by out call only.

I do a quick check-in with all prospective Cuddlers to make sure that we are going to be a good fit

I go over a couple things in the check-in including: the Code of Conduct and agreements, what you hope to receive from our Cuddle experience, any questions about where or how the space to Cuddle will be and setting up a time and place to Cuddle.

My goal is to give us an opportunity to get to know each other in advance so that we both feel great about meeting up and Cuddling.

Skills & Specialties

Massage Reiki Nonviolent Communication Empath Skills Thai Yoga Energy Healing Metaphysics Non-binary Meditation Mindfulness Authentic Relating


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