Professional Cuddlist, Larysa, Virtual sessions
Professional Cuddlist, Larysa, Virtual sessions
Professional Cuddlist, Larysa, Virtual sessions
Professional Cuddlist, Larysa, Virtual sessions
Professional Cuddlist, Larysa, Virtual sessions
Professional Cuddlist, Larysa, Virtual sessions
Professional Cuddlist, Larysa, Virtual sessions
Professional Cuddlist, Larysa, Virtual sessions

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Session Rate: $200/90 minute minimum session Packages May Be Available (10+ hours to use in increments of 2-3 hours) Payment Via Venmo

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About Larysa

Do you remember happy times as a child- crawling onto your father’s lap, or snuggling with mom as she read you a bedtime story? Do you recall laying on your brother’s stomach when you watched a movie? Who decided that “becoming an adult” meant we no longer needed warm, familial affection? If you MISS all the cuddles you had as a kid, you’re in the right place.

If you feel like you missed out on cuddles as a child, you’re in the right place and you can still catch up! It’s never too late to make up for lost cuddles!

What happens when you live in a culture where a belief is that you must be in a romantic relationship to receive touch? The very best of friends may not have cuddling on the menu of their shared desired activities. Keeping the highest standards to be equally yoked to a mate is ideal and thankfully Cuddlist paves the way to not have to lower standards and “settle for less” simply to receive touch.

When I sit in Holy Places, I close my eyes and imagine Jesus is sitting next to me, and that I am cuddling against Him with His arms wrapped around me, providing the ultimate comfort and validation. This is the experience I aim to provide as a Cuddlist. While I can only aspire to be more like Jesus everyday, I do hope to harness His energy of Love and become a vessel and conduit by which to transmit that energy.

I seek to help people connect with gratitude, optimism, love, laughter, discipline, purity, comfort, peace, and more. I have always had a strong relationship with God and knew inherently that I possessed strong moral standards. Even in my personal life I have followed the Law of Chastity and wouldn’t change that for 100 Million Dollars! Minoring in religious studies, I’ve enjoyed learning about other belief systems and cultures and ways to connect to the Creator and creative energy, along with various methods of utilizing that creative energy. Friends and peers would often point out “oh you’re like a loving mom” when helping classmates and making sure they were prepared for outings and field trips. I love exploring the idea that, just as Adam and Eve were given the directive to “multiply and replenish the Earth” in the Garden of Eden, and though many people assume this only asks a man and woman to bring forth children, there can be many ways to “multiply and replenish” and many ways to “be fruitful and multiply” whether that means multiply our knowledge through study, multiply our service through sharing loving energy through cuddles.

I spent a good chunk of life in denial that I even liked cuddling. I have since come out of the cuddle closet! Due to culture, media, movies, and what classmates would talk about, etc. I thought that 1- guys didn’t even really like cuddling. 2. They “performed” cuddling as a deposit to make a withdrawal of an unchaste nature later. 3. Guys used the premise and guise of cuddling to get what they wanted (the unchaste activity) and cuddling could A. soften the girl up to their demands and coercions, B. make the girl feel guilty so he could get what he wanted even when she didn’t want to. And since I’ve always been Pro-Chastity- that just wasn’t going to work. I thought that if I admitted to liking cuddling- I was putting myself into that system as though I could be “won over” to break the Law of Chastity by making “cuddle deposits.” Well GUESS AGAIN world!!! People of all kinds LOVE cuddling! The most masculine, straight, muscular, rugged guys are just as happy to cuddle now as they were when they were little boys. As the age for marriage is climbing- more of us are needing the safe platonic touch outlet. Many are not finding their life mate- or maybe they just don’t want a life mate, but don’t want to be deprived of cuddles, and they no longer have to!

I also believe proper clear boundary cuddling helps PROMOTE chastity for those who seek it- because it can really help some of that energy flow through in pure ways that do not compromise morals or chastity. Nothing happens in a cuddle session that wouldn’t fit in a G rated movie- or that wouldn’t fit between a mother and her child, or siblings when they are getting along and loving each other. It is OKAY to give and receive love that is pure and touch oriented and comforting and PURELY PLATONIC!!! Too often we didn’t know where to turn to find this- we didn’t know the words to use and most of us never learned boundaries as to how to set up the space so both parties could feel safe and protected and only doing what they desired.

I have witnessed over and over and over- through my graduate training in Holistic Leadership, Holistic Counseling, Expressive Arts etc- themes that come up aaaaaalllll the time circle around Boundaries, Communication, and Consent. Even in ways that we might not first think of those words. How we allow people to treat us, speak to us, even not speak to us- when loved ones may avoid communicating by walking away. Not to mention SO many people not KNOWING what they want, and even more who don’t know how to ASK for what they want, and or are so fearful of rejection, that fear seems to overtake their want and desire, even when that want is HUGE!

Imagine a world where No wasn’t a rejection, but was just data. Would you like to take an adventure to go and explore a world like that? Then come see if we are cuddle compatible!


Session information from Larysa

2021 Update:    I’ve just reappeared on this site- please bear with me as I update my profile to adjust to COVID protocols and virtual sessions.    As of  The COVID pandemic and going forward  I will be available only for Virtual Sessions.    I may also be offering Virtual Cuddle Party sessions as well.

What can we do during sessions?   As someone with a strong Religious Faith background, if you would like to start/end with a prayer, that would be delightfully welcome.

We can have a dance party.

I can help as a Consultant for Essential Oils, we can gain connection at a distance by utilizing the same oil at the same time to be smelling the same scent and experiencing the same benefits.

I may be available for helping lovely ladies learn makeup if they would like- I have won awards for theater makeup design, and I’ve often loved helping women select makeup that works for their desires and helps them feel like the beautiful souls God created them to be!

You can be assisted in gratitude journaling.

You can be helped in goal setting, dream boarding, affirmation writing etc.



Older info prior to COVID below.

My office space is in a shared co-working space on a comfy couch with a private room. I use bluetooth speakers to create a range of energy from calm and relaxed to energized and fun! Essential oils and diffusers are a significant part of my life and space and I use the most pure essential oils I can obtain, to enhance the experience and provide additional support to the emotions, mind, body, spirit and senses! With my training in Holistic Counseling, I seek to provide a space with a listening set of ears, a warm open heart, and a place for you to feel free to discover your pure self.

The office has an ample parking lot- and is located on the second floor. During daytime business hours there is an elevator available, but in the afternoon and beyond it is often locked and unavailable for use.

Payment is collected at the time of session booking. Can be sent via Venmo, Square.
I ask clients to confirm with me 24+ hours before their scheduled session. If cancellation occurs after that time or you are a “no show,” full payment is required as that time had been reserved and held for you. I thank you for participating in mutual respect for time and attention.

To get the most out of what you are looking for from your session, please review the Code of Conduct and view some Cuddlist videos.


Skills & Specialties

Laughter Yoga Aromatouch Certified Personal Coaching Masters in Holistic Counseling and Holistic Leadership Advanced Graduate Certificate in Expressive Arts Advanced Graduate Certificate in Mental Health Bachelors in Theater Vocal Performance Minors in Psychology Religious Studies Dance Certified World Class Speaker Coach Working With Faithful Christians Working With Faithful Practicing People of the Jewish Faith Working With Practicing Active Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints Doterra Essential Oils Wellness Advocate Author of Gratitude For Mom Workbook


2021 Update:    I've just reappeared on this site- please bear with me as I update my profile to adjust to COVID protocols and virtual sessions.    As of  The COVID pandemic and going forward  I will be available only for Virtual Sessions.    I may also be offering Virtual Cuddle Party sessions as well.   

As of Spring 2018 I am available Monday afternoons for Cuddle Requests currently. Request a session for availability. Please know that we will be speaking via video chat prior to your session to ensure we are both comfortable with each other. Plan on this additional time before requesting a session.

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