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Trained Cuddlist

Session Rate: $80/hr plus travel

Wilmington, NC

About Laura

As an English language teacher, I’ve traveled to over 35 countries and have lived in France, South Korea, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Canada and Russia. I speak Spanish, Portuguese, French and a tiny bit of Korean and Russian, though my French is quite rusty.  I have also previously given care as a hospice caregiver, pet sitter, babysitter and cook.

My likes: Snuggling up under a fuzzy blanket to watch a good series or movie. I love the cinema and enjoy just about any kind of film, but especially sci-fi and comedy. Laughter is a great medicine! Being in nature, walking and hiking, cooking, and yoga. I enjoy getting to know people and having interesting conversations. Helping others. Playing cards (blackjack, poker, gin, spades) as well as board games. Animal lover.

My dislikes: Conversations about politics – I feel we are just burned out on it! Narcissists, negative people and constant complaining. People with poor boundaries.

I’m good at: Listening, being a sounding board. Understanding a person’s grief and trauma. Intuitive readings. Energy healing. Massage. At 5’9’’, I make a great big spoon. Karaoke. Also pirate jokes.

Hobbies: Latin and ballroom dancing, particularly salsa, merengue and bachata. Art.

My dreams, hopes and aspirations: I am passionate about my dream of owning a large piece of land and constructing a multi-functional sanctuary in the form of a tiny house community and farm. It will be a place for abused and traumatized people and animals to come and rest, be healed, and restore their spirits. There will also be hospice houses and a school for the spiritually gifted.

What I am passionate about: Travel! As you can see above, I have devoted a great deal of time and resources to traveling and have spent most of my adult life seeking out new life and new civilizations. (Bonus points if you get that reference, haha!)

A life changing experience I went through: So many – between crazy learning experiences traveling and spiritual experiences as I have pursued a career in energy healing, I’ve got stories for days.

My role models: Dolly Parton, my minister Nancy Petty, Robin Williams and the big JC!

Session information from Laura

For the moment I am only accepting outcall sessions.


What’s it like to cuddle with me?

I am super snuggly and affectionate! Cuddling with me is awesome! As you may notice when you read my personal description below, I am a warm, empathic and caring individual that enjoys looking after others. As a trained Cuddlist I have been trained in the ins and out of professional cuddling for a restful and restorative experience. You can expect our sessions to be tailored to your comfort level and specific needs. Your enjoyment, well-being and safety are of utmost priority to me.


Skills & Specialties

Intuitive reiki energy healing guided meditation trauma coping massage


I am available most days Monday-Sunday. Please contact me to schedule a session!

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