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Certified Cuddlist

Session Rate: $80/hour

Palm Coast, FL

About Lidia

Hi Dear,
My name is Lidia and I’m originally from Poland. I am a forever lover and student of both Life and a Present Moment. Walking a path of a Peaceful Warrior- I teach Yoga, Meditation, and Mindfulness (graduated my teacher training in India). I practice Healing Touch (Reiki 2nd level) and study Self-Defense in martial art of Jujitsu.

I am a practitioner of Extraordinary Relationships. A grateful mother of two boys (16 & 11 )-practicing positive parenting solutions. As well as loving life partner to my best friend- practicing the everyday art of giving and receiving.

I was a hairstylist for 17 years, which tremendously helped me to be where I am now. My life experience as care and service giver, great listener, friend to everyone, advisor and comforter, observer of relationship patterns and suffering scenarios, that people shared with me, as well as my personal challenges – all of it- made me ask myself questions about “Who we are?”, What we are here for?, What is the way out of suffering?, What is The Way to Live this Life?.”

The journey of self-mastery, self-development, personal and spiritual growth shaped me into a passionate discoverer. Very quickly with my growing skills, I found myself to see and hear from a higher perspective, a higher purpose of our life challenges. I am very sensitive and intuitive. I share that with people in a private sessions in a form of a Soul Talk Therapy.

Space of sharing simplicity of a present moment with other human beings fascinates me like nothing else. Creating a safe place to just BE who we truly are, without any masks, creating a space full of presence, healing, love, non-judgment, releasing, friendship, closeness, trust, understanding, support, listening, breathing, laughing, crying, holding hands, hugging, cuddling, caressing, nurturing- are my greatest gifts I share with people. My greatest mission is to be a friend and helping hand for everyone who wishes to deepen a practice of self-love, self-acceptance, self-support and self-forgiveness. I am waiting for you as you are waiting for me.
“We just walk each other Home” -Rumi

I find cuddling to be a perfect tool to do so. At first, it may be an emergency infusion of love. We all have natural tendencies to starve for a human touch- absolutely natural. Half of us will go through life being hungry and desperate. The other half learn early to disconnect from it unconsciously-being rather safe at the distance. A session is simply magical. In both cases, it brings that missing CONNECTION. Sometimes instantly, sometimes slowly and gradually, always powerfully.

It doesn’t matter what is your situation, if you have difficulties of closeness, hard time touching and being touched, if you have no one to exchange touch with, or if your partner’s touch somehow doesn’t fulfill you. You are at the right place. And literally in good hands and loving arms.

Cuddling is therapeutic. It is not only like “Oxytocin Injection,” which will make you right away feel better about yourself and life, which will make you feel safe and belonged, but beyond any expectations, it quickly transforms you. It Teaches you basic communication skills- so much needed in our everyday lives. Saying “Yes” when we mean Yes and “No” when we mean No. It teaches us to set our boundaries and to allow ourselves to ask for what we want- kindly, confidently, without a guilt and shame.

By exchanging physical touch with another being, we are more in touch with ourselves- deeply feeling our emotional and physical body. And we learn to listen to it- as it is our greatest master- present with us in every second of our life.  

Through touch of our bodies, we touch each others hearts. Through touch of our hearts, we touch a Source of Existence. We touch Oneness and Life- which itself is a healing.
“You are not a problem to be solved but a Miracle to be Discovered.”

-E. Stepnicka

Session information from Lidia

Happy to invite you to my “Come Back Home”  home studio. Sessions are held in a private cuddle room. It’s a clean, smoke-free, modern and cozy SAFE PLACE with a comfy queen sized bed, tons of pillows and soft blankets, relaxing music and soothing lightening. Preferable candles and incenses.

I answer requests within 24 hours. After that we decide the best way to get to know each other (conversation by text, phone or video chat). I will sent you the Code of Conduct and answer any of your questions.

For a session please wear or bring fresh, comfy cuddle clothes (minimum t-shirt and shorts). No need to be worry about anything. I guide you in a process. We will start from open communication of expectations and boundaries. The session will progress organically- perhaps from talk and smiles, eye contact and holding hands, we may sit, lean, lay down. We can go to the gentle rubbing, shoulders/neck massage, hair stroking and HUGS of any kind 🙂
I will be happy to BE, just for you. Will be happy to hold you tenderly or tight- as you wish. I will allow you to be fully seen, heard, understood and accepted. I will do my best, so you will leave deeply relaxed, lighter and uplifted.
Outcalls- only after the first session at my place.
Payments- Cash and PayPal.


Skills & Specialties

Reiki Yoga Teacher SoulTalk Therapist


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