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Lisa Chesley

Trained Cuddlist

Session Rate: $80 I charge an additional $10 if I need to drive more than 10 miles.

Augusta, GA

About Lisa Chesley

My life’s mission is to assist with bringing balance and harmony into this world. I practice a positive outlook on life, and a positive attitude in my relationships. I am really blessed with so much love to give, and I truly enjoy the giving and receiving of love and affection. I have been practicing mindfully based stress reduction, communicating mindfully and meditation for about 6 years. I also am a member of Sierra Club; Savannah River Keepers Chapter. I enjoy gardening foods and flowers, boating, riding my bike and hiking.

I am a proud mom of an amazing son who is a linguist stationed here at Fort Gordon. I was a single parent and had to juggle work and my little family on my own.

I have been educating myself about boundaries via a Licensed Psychotherapist, and learning about how to truly and honestly love myself! We can love others unconditionally when we love ourselves the same!

I thoroughly enjoy cuddling! I enjoy assisting people in their life’s journey. My hope is to accommodate you in any growth and overcoming you are wanting to achieve! I offer a safe and confidential space for all. I think the touch of two people in a caring, professional, therapeutic manner is a really beautiful experience!

I offer some light massage, I will even massage your feet! I offer judgement-free listening.  I can empathize greatly, as I have had many battles in my life to overcome!


Session information from Lisa Chesley

I conduct my sessions in your home or mine. For first time clients, I do not have sessions at my home, for reasons of safety. I do not give out my phone number. I contact you through your email, Facebook messenger, or “hangouts” which is used through your gmail, and allows phone calls and texting, without anyone knowing each others phone numbers.

At Your Home:  I can bring oil, or lotion if you want a massage. I have a playlist on my phone. I bring my pajamas to your home, and change in the privacy of the bathroom.

AT My Home:  I have a playlist with calming, relaxing music. I usually light incense, with Frankincense and Myrrh being my favorite. I have fragrance free or lightly scented lotions if you want a massage. At my home I have to Himalayan Salt lamps that I keep turned on for good ambiance. I have parking in front of my home. I have no pets that live with me, but there may be pet hair on my jackets.

Cuddling is a type of therapy, and I like to focus on keeping my client comfortable, and allowing them to communicate their cuddling needs to me. This is a time for relaxation, healing, growth, and allowing loving kindness to engulf your being. It is important to keep communication open, so this can be a positive and helpful experience.

Every 4th Session is FREE! (You still pay me for travel.)

Before we start, I will need payment up front. I accept Cash, Credit/Debit Cards or PayPal. I will ask you to read and sign a contract stating you understand my boundaries, and that Cuddling with me is 100% platonic.

Skills & Specialties

Death & Dying Communicating Mindfully Aging Gracefully Effective Listening Intro to Psychology Social and Professional Issues in Today's Society Conflict Resolution in Modern Society Human Growth and Development Individual Counseling; Theory & Practice. Phi Theta Kappa Member 2013


I am able to accommodate people around their schedule most of the time! Contact me and let's take a look at our schedules! I look forward to hearing from you and sharing an amazing experience with you! If you are hesitant about what Cuddling is all about, I can meet you at Starbucks on Wrightsboro Road or on Bobby Jones Expressway, and I will give you 1/2 an hour of my time for free to help put you at ease!
I cover North and South Augusta, Harlem, Evans, Martinez and Appling.