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Lisa Horn, RRMT, PBT, PC


Session Rate: $60/hour +

Kempner, TX

About Lisa Horn

My name is Lisa Horn. I live out in the country and I open my home to those seeking alternative healing practices. I’ve been involved in energy medicine since 1998, including massage, reflexology, craniosacral therapy, and other practices. I am also a Reiki Practitioner and Pure Bioenergy Therapist, as well as a certified Professional Cuddlist.

I enjoy learning about and working with energy and I pour myself immensely into my sessions as I help people move forward in life.

Please continue reading to learn more about my cuddle sessions and feel free to visit and browse my website for more in-depth information about me and my practices.https://www.universalenergytherapy.com/cuddle-session

Session information from Lisa Horn

Human Connection Therapy (HCT), aka Cuddle Session is the modern terminology I use when referring to a Cuddle Session.

Client confidentiality is highly respected. Sessions take place in the secluded countryside, and I only correspond with clients according to their preferred method of contact (phone or email – I do not respond to texts). Your privacy is guaranteed!

I provide 4 types of Human Connection Therapy (Cuddle Sessions)

  1. Classic Cuddle – $60/per hr(Cuddlist + one client)
  2. RESET Session – $60/per hour (Cuddlist + one client)
  3. After-Care Session – $85+ (Cuddlist + one client)
  4. CHOICE Partners – $120/per 1 hr(Cuddlist + 2 clients in the same session)

Hours of Operation

  • Mondays -11 am – 8 pm
  • Wednesdays 11 am – 8 pm
  • Thursdays 11 am – 8 pm
  • Saturdays 1 pm – 8 pm

Please allow 24-hrs for me to respond to your request. Same-day requests are not honored.


  • Consultation is required before booking a Cuddle session.
  • Session times are from 11am – 9pm (no sessions before 11 am or after 9 pm)
  • I do not provide outcalls or overnight sessions
  • I accept all major credit cards and/or cash
  • I have a 24 hour cancellation policy

Please visit my website for full details regarding cuddle sessions (I greatly recommend this)


Lisa’s Style of Practice

Every Cuddlist has their own idea and unique style when it comes to conducting a cuddle session. The foundation of my cuddle sessions is based on “holding space” for my clients. Holding space is an exceptional therapy of human connection which involves reconnecting with ourselves and others through light, platonic touch such as holding, hugging, embracing…all within a soft, safe, and nurturing environment. Sessions are also based on client self-awareness, self-intimacy, awareness of boundaries and comfort levels, connection to feelings and thoughts, consent, being seen and heard, and the client finding their voice and effectively expressing themselves. During any HCT/Cuddle Session touch does not have to take place… touch is optional…it is not “touch” the client is paying for, but rather, HUMAN CONNECTION.

My cuddlist style entails viewing the physical body as a sacred temple which is to be honored and ultimately revered. I work with individuals on a very intimate and energetic level, allowing them to navigate their session according to their comfort level and the guidelines and I am a compassionate listener with an open heart.

I easily adapt to people and communication is one of my biggest assets whether it is casual chit-chat, or conversations on a deeper level. Communication is a crucial element for conducting an effective cuddle session. It is the client’s responsibility to communicate what they want and what they feel is appropriate for them according to their comfort level and the guidelines. My role is to respect the client’s wishes and make sure they are comfortable and feel supported – all according to the guidelines. Mutual consent is highly practiced!

I also offer some of my other practices to my clients such as massage, reflexology, craniosacral, chakra balancing, etc. if they desire.

Although I am the giver of the session, I am open to receiving as well, if the client wishes to do so, as long as it aligns with the guidelines and does not cross any boundaries.

I support the “JUST ASK” clause where each party agrees to ask for consent before initiating an action or touching the other party in any way during the session. Each person has to ask the other party without any expectations of how they will respond; and each person agrees to respect that person’s reply and boundaries. The importance of asking opens a pathway of healthy vulnerability, trust, confidence, and self-expression. It also aids in identifying and developing comfort levels and in forming a deeper connection between Cuddlist and cuddlee.

Lisa’s Cuddle Room Environment:

I fully understand the important role environment plays when it comes to promoting a soothing, safe, and stress-free cuddle experience. I think it’s important to cultivate a non-sexual, gender balanced space to allow you to feel safe, nurtured, and free to express yourself in a platonic healthy manner…and the beauty of that expression is encouraged through my exclusive Cuddle Therapy Room, where your senses and awareness are enhanced to help you reconnect to yourself and form a healthy connection with your Cuddlist. The relaxing and inviting vibe of my Cuddle Room delivers a degree of escapism with a mystical tone to help you sink into openness, feelings, and affection, as you melt into the awe of unconditional love and therapeutic connection.

Skills & Specialties

Certified Professional Cuddlist Certified and Registered Reiki Master Practitioner Certified Pure Bioenergy Therapist Certified Life Coach Ordained Spiritual Priestess (non-religious) Certifications in Chakras and Auras Certification in Kinesis and Body Language


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