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Trained Cuddlist

Session Rate: Online : 45€/hr | In-person : 65€/hr

Orleans, France

About Magali

Welcome to my tactile oasis in the midst of our digital world!

I offer a nourishing and respectful touching space to any adult wishing they were still a child so that they could be held. You may have never experienced much contact, or have seen them fade with age, either because you live alone or in a not very tactile environment. Yet, it feels so good to hug someone and stop running for a moment, stop being strong or managing things and just letting go, safe, in loving arms.

How good it feels also to hold someone in your arms, to feel the heart beating, the chest moving with the breathing and to give affection, without any ambiguity about what could come next. On top of giving and receiving the most enjoyable and nourishing touch for you, I will encourage you to identify and express your wants and needs during the session and to express your limits simply. In the gentle physical connection, you will gain the confidence to create healthier and more authentic relationships – with you first and then with those around you. I look forward to sharing this moment with you.

Touch plays a part in maintaining physical and mental well-being, yet our current lifestyle does not always provide us with the opportunity to meet this primary need. With this session, you make the conscious choice to take care of yourself.

In addition to individual sessions, I lead workshops to deepen the notion of consent and get rid of the dynamics that make us say yes when we think no and that prevent us from asking what would really please us. I also facilitated happiness workshops with Action for Happiness.

Session information from Magali

I like that we get to know one another better before the first session. Send me your name and your need and I’ll send you back a link for you to book a Zoom at a convenient time (approx. 20 minutes). This time beforehand is useful for knowing more about your expectations, answering your questions, sharing your possible difficulties with touch and reviewing the code of conduct together.


I’m based in France (Central Europe Time, CET). To keep it easy to schedule, I only offer virtual sessions to persons based in my time zone or +/- 2h.  You can check time zones on time buddy.


Payment is made online prior to the session (www.oasistactile.fr). If you cancel less than 48 hours in advance, I will reimburse you up to 50%. If you cancel at the last minute or don’t show up, there will be no refund.


If you make an appointment, I will send you an automatic email 48 hours before our session with a reminder and the address. The sessions take place at my place preferably.

I live in downtown Orleans, near the Châtelet market. It is easily accessible by public transportation. Parking is more uncertain, if necessary, paid parking lots are available. On your arrival, I will introduce you to the place, I will offer you water or tea and we will choose a piece of music that you like (or the venerable silence).

The session takes place in a space dedicated to well-being, on a mat and soft cushions. We will be surrounded by many plants whose sight delights me every day. Bring comfortable clothes, you can change on-site if necessary and at a minimum, wear shorts and a t-shirt. Also plan to have taken a shower the night before at the latest. I promise to do the same! In the first session, we will take the time to work out the agreement that will allow us to make ourselves comfortable, relaxed, and safe. That will open the door to a tailor-made session for you, to meet your needs and desires. I live on the 2nd floor with no elevator, I’m sorry if it’s not accessible. In this case, contact me to see if we can arrange a session in a location that suits you. I don’t have a pet, but you might come across a cat in the yard. I often use incense or essential oils. Tell me if this is uncomfortable for you or if you have any allergies.

Skills & Specialties

Cuddle party Facilitator (in training) Informal friendly massage Happiness workshops facilitator


Mostly wednesdays and fridays 14h - 21h30 (CET - Heure de Paris).

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