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Trained Cuddlist

Session Rate: $80/hour + Travel Fee for Outcalls

Tyler, TX

About Makayla

Hi! I am Makayla, a cuddle therapist, massage therapist and mom in Tyler, Texas. I am also working on my coaching certification to be a mindset coach, as well as Reiki level 1. I am also in the process of moving from trained professional cuddlist to certified cuddlist.

As a survivor of CPTSD, religious trauma, & major depressive disorder, a huge chunk of my healing and well-being came from physical connection.  There are many ways to heal. The path is not the same for everybody. For me, my turning point was through emotional and physical connection, along with visualization, that my body was able to let go and feel safe to release the past traumatic experiences it was holding on to. It’s not magic, it’s not a cure-all, but it may be just one key that helps you on your healing path too.

I have been through 5 years of successful therapy for my mental health, which means I can relate to you where you’re at and hold space for you to be genuinely you. I have also taken 30 credit hours of mental health classes on the grad school level. I am NOT a mental health therapist. But I AM a safe space for you to relax, take your mask off, and let your guard down.

I am a huge fan of self-love and self-care. There are many ways to take care of you! Other than the obvious of cuddling and massage, I enjoy cold drinks, being outside in nature, the ocean, swimming, coloring, eating out, etc. What makes you feel good? Embrace who you are without shame and do it! Cuddle therapy is a place where you can learn to let down your guard of shame and ask for what you want without receiving judgment. It is a place where you can practice asking for what you do want, as well as unashamedly and confidently stating what you do not want. For example, if you do not like your head being touched in a cuddle session, this is an awesome boundary that you can create that establishes a piece of what you do and don’t like that you are completely validated and appreciated in expressing. You are encouraged to speak up for yourself and your needs.

In my primary job as a massage therapist, I see the mental and physical value of physical touch on a regular basis. Cuddle therapy takes this a step farther by allowing you to ask for what you do want, set a boundary for what you do not want, and to give and receive platonically in a session 100% customized to you. The beauty of a cuddle session is that you can switch things up at any time, to meet the next need, desire, or question that arises.

Consensual cuddling with boundaries produces oxytocin. Oxytocin is the feel-good hormone that gives the physical and mental sensation that we are are safe. That we are going to be okay. It is responsible for feelings of empathy, trust, and relationship-building. It’s obviously a game-changer in how we feel in our outlook toward life and our place in this world.

I have discovered multiple avenues of self-love, healing, and taking charge of my life, and I want to share what I’ve learned and mastered with you! Book a cuddle session with me where you can experience the healing power of platonic physical touch, non-judgmental safe space, inspiration, empowerment to say no to discomfort and to speak up for what you want, and a boost in self confidence and well-being.

Session information from Makayla

COVID policy: If you have had COVID in the last month leading up to your session, please wait at 2 weeks, and produce a negative COVID test before your session. I will do the same myself.

My cuddling sessions are 100% platonic. My intent is to hold a safe space for you to feel unconditionally loved, accepted, valued, and heard. This can look like anything from spending time together on zoom, to a walk or outside activity together, to a movie, to snuggling up together and just focusing on the amazing feeling of being touched, held, and genuinely loved on. The purpose of a cuddle session is to meet the needs of you, as my client. This session is all about you. A cuddle session can include little to no touch, or be solely about touch. You decide.

If you are a first-time client, we will meet via phone, face-time, or zoom for up to 15 minutes to establish a connection where you can ask any questions, I can give you a little bit of information, and we can decide how to move forward with scheduling a cuddle session.

I have an office in Tyler, TX that we can meet at with some cozy options for sitting and laying down. I can also travel to your home or other location for a fee if you would prefer to meet there. 

Other options we have for sessions are location of your choice, such as movies, dinner out, parks, nature walks, etc…

My clients are all ages, races, cultures, backgrounds, abilities, there is no discrimination.

YOUR CONFIDENTIALITY is my top priority. I will never disclose that you have seen me. The only way people will know is if you tell them.

Book an appointment with me and experience the healing and safety your body and mind encounter in a single session. Let the experience speak for itself. Click the button under my profile pic to request a session. After I receive your information, I will be in contact with you to set up our initial call to connect and schedule an appointment. I’m looking forward to meeting and working with you!

Skills & Specialties

Massage therapy mindset coaching religious trauma non-judgment acceptance empathy intentional active listening LGBTQ+ ally


I schedule cuddle sessions week days/evenings as well as weekends. Request a session for availability.

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