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Mark L

Trained Cuddlist

Session Rate: $100 For Broward and Palm Beach County / $125 For Miami/Dade And Martin County/ Cash/ PayPal/ Zelle

Delray Beach, FL

About Mark L

Hi, My name is Mark and I live in Delray Beach, FL

I have a BS Communications from Miami Christian College.  I have worked in the corporate world for 30 years and have recently retired.   I feel led to be a Cuddle practitioner.

My MBTI indicator is INFJ.  I – Introverted:  Introverted individuals prefer solitary activities and get exhausted by social interaction.  N – Intuitive:  Intuitive individuals are very imaginative, open-minded and curious.   F- Feeling:  Feeling individuals are sensitive and emotionally expressive.  They are more empathic and less competitive than Thinking types and focus on social harmony and cooperation.  J-Judging:  Judging individuals are decisive, thorough and highly organized.

Throughout my life, I have had people tell me things that they have never told anyone before and I feel I’m blessed with this gift.

Our society has become driven by Smartphones and social media.  We seem to be losing touch of personal deep routed connections.  My observations in the corporate world showed me how we don’t truly listen to one another.  I would sit through meetings and people would talk over one another.  I was talking in a meeting and someone started talking over me so I stopped talking.  When this person stopped I paused and let silence fill the space.  They acknowledged the fact and asked me to continue.

I feel our lives have become so filled with outside stimulation and we are failing to connect with each other.  Book a session, my goal for cuddling is for you to be heard listened to and acknowledged.

Session information from Mark L

I will gladly travel to you or I have space at my home. We will start by reviewing the Code of Conduct and agree that this is a platonic experience. Arousal may happen which may be natural and it will not be shamed or judged.

We will agree that if at any time we are uncomfortable we will speak up and simply say “I am uncomfortable with that.” There is no reason to explain why. We will respect each other’s boundaries and continue with our session.

We will chat on the phone after you submit a request. Please feel free to ask any questions at that time to make sure we are a good fit. Plan to wear comfortable clothing, lounge pants, shorts that come to mid-thigh and t-shirt.


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