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Mary H

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Mary H

Certified Cuddlist

Session Rate: $100/hour + Travel Fee for Outcalls

Boston, MA (Somerville, Providence, Southern New Hampshire)

About Mary H

I am an unabashed seeker of new and challenging experiences, who makes calculated, analytical, decisions look like whimsical free spirited off-the-cuff play. I’ve cultivated an ability to hold space, to see everyone for the human that they are, an act of loving kindness for all… And I would love to share these abilities with you.

I travel solo extensively. I am expressive, well read, playful, a lover of all things food… I also stay active with yoga, hiking, creating memories with photographs, and anything involving large bodies of water.

I collect experiences over tchotchkes, and my greatest desire is to love my life as I am living it.

I study how to be human, how to connect with other humans, and how to enjoy the experience of living in this body here on this planet to the best of my ability.

For 15+ years now I’ve been doing that through yoga, Thai massage, leading cuddle workshops, consent and communication workshops, and more.

I strive to live a fully examined, authentic life, and I look forward to sharing my energy with you.

Session information from Mary H

I have a spacious, sunny living room with a couch, an over-sized beanbag chair that can comfortably fit a couple of people, and a Japanese style sleeping mat, and lots of pillows! So there are plenty of places to figure out what works best for you there. Spotify plays over wireless (suggestions welcome), I may have some incense or candles burning.

Skills & Specialties

Thai Massage Reiki Mental Health Counseling Yoga Holding Space Emotional Surrogacy and more!


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