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Mary R

Certified Cuddlist

Session Rate: $80/hour Cuddlist session. Please plan ahead. Send your available days and times in your request. I'm available daytime and evening hours. Thanks!

Minneapolis, MN

About Mary

Mary is a regular cuddle party enthusiast and a member of https://cuddlepartymn.com consultant group.

It’s a natural human instinct to bond. The key to feeling safe with platonic touch is to ask first, wait for consent, hold your boundaries and respect the boundaries of others.  It’s simple but it’s not always easy.  I can help!”  – Mary


“I really enjoy visiting you and feel so much calmer after I see you.”   – Client

“It was wonderful to cuddle with you. You are an amazing cuddler.”  – Cuddle party member

“Mary is a caring, professional and non-judgemental. Mary helps me feel safe and relaxed! She is a great cuddler and her sessions are invigorating!”  -Client



Session information from Mary

Please see my website https://www.contacthigh101.com

WHY CUDDLIST?  Being touch deprived is not a personal failure.  Our culture expects you to suffer touch deprivation unless you’re in a committed relationship with an affectionate  person.  Cuddlist DISAGREES!  We know that everyone needs  and deserves affection and now they can find it!  A trusted touch session is safe and respectful, with an established code of conduct.  “Yes” means yes and “no” means no without apology or explanation.

  1. You are welcome and safe here.
  2. Your session is about you. I have no agenda.
  3. You can ask for what you want.
  4. Your physical appearance is not on trial.
  5. Enjoy receiving and giving touch in a nurturing environment.
  6. Be exactly who you are and speak your truth.  This is a safe, confidential place to voice questions, doubts or truths.
  7. Have fun, relax, enjoy!


REQUEST A SESSION!  We’ll have a brief  chat to ask and answer questions, and book a day and time.  For your session, wear or bring comfortable clothes.  I have bottled water and a soft relaxation space.During your session, if either of us is physically or emotionally uncomfortable for any reason, we speak up and make a change.  It’s never personal when we say no.  Holding boundaries is a gift allowing us to enjoy platonic comfort in a very simple, genuine way.

IN-CALLS/OUT-CALLS –  Assisted living resident or those recovering from illness/surgery, etc. – I’ll come to you.  If you prefer a safe park or other public setting for your session, we can do that!  (full payment required in advance when booking out-calls).

SAFETY AND PROFESSIONALISM:   Please understand that safety is priority and an appointment is required. A brief phone call or email exchange is necessary before your first session and your ID will be required.   Do not suggest isolated areas or request an immediate session.  Cuddlist is a platonic service.

PAYMENT/CANCELLATIONS – Your $20 deposit (via PayPal) is refundable if you cancel at least 24 hours before your scheduled session.  For sessions at my location your balance can be paid via PayPal or in cash/credit card before your session starts.  For sessions not at my location full payment is due at the time of booking and there may be a small travel fee.


Skills & Specialties

Bachelor of Arts (Organizational Studies)Life coach for human connection - consent and boundaries - understanding women for men - religious traumaCuddle party veteranLGBTQIADepression/anxiety aware


Minimum session 1 hour. Currently available for daytime and evening hours. Please submit a request at least 24 hours before you wish to have a session. Thanks.