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Max Adams

Trained Cuddlist

Session Rate: $80

Detroit, MI

About Max Adams

My name is Maximillian Adams. Congratulations on finding this form of self-care. I wish that all my clients can be able to express what they desire during a session. I have taken the time to properly immerse myself into professional cuddling, and it has shown that it is way more helpful than it looks. It has been very therapeutic for me seeing how emotionally accommodating cuddling makes one feel in a session. It simply amazes me how nurturing this field can be to people. And now I wish to take the time and share this knowledge with you. But always remember, whatever you decide, trust in yourself.

Session information from Max Adams

We will start with a comforting consensual communication agreement and let our preferences guide us from there. I encourage my clients to recognize and speak their wants and needs. I always wish to have a wonderful session with my clients.


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