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Trained Cuddlist

Session Rate: $80/hour + Travel Fee for Outcalls up to $20

Los Angeles, CA

About Maya

Hello my name is Maya. I’m so glad that you have chosen to join the ever growing Cuddlist community. My goal is to give you the most positive and rewarding experience. Whether it is your first cuddle session, or you have done this before, I hope I can provide a sense of safety and comfort.

I am here to help, because I know what it is like to want company in the form of human, physical touch. Whether it’s something as simple as a hug or just leaning against someone’s shoulder after a long day, I understand the feeling of wanting the comfort of another person. I wish to bring a sort of relief and ease into your life, however long you decide to try the therapeutic value of cuddling. My most important goal as a Trained Cuddlist, is to help others and enrich the lives of my clients. Thank you for choosing Cuddlist, and I hope to bring new positive experiences into your life.

Session information from Maya

I do strictly outcalls to clients location. Conducting sessions in a living room with a comfortable couch is preferred. We begin by establishing and reviewing the Code of Conduct agreement and determining preferences and boundaries to ensure the comfort of both client and myself. It’s important that things stay consensual at all times, and thoughts and ideas are expressed and communicated clearly. In addition to cuddling, I want sessions to feel like a safe place, free from any judgement, to help with personal development and growth.


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