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Trained Cuddlist

Session Rate: $80

Queens, NY | Manhattan, NY

About McKenzie

Before I dive into telling you about myself, I want to acknowledge how brave you are for seeking this service. You are not a freak of nature for wanting a professional cuddler. I respect & admire you so much, it’s human nature to crave human touch. I promise it’s okay.

Mckenzie is extremely genuine in her work, this is what she loves to do! She is professional & tries her best to be accommodating to your individual needs. She is currently studying human behavior and social work. Mckenzie is kind-hearted, genuine, and an empath! Overall her goal is to make you truly feel great. Whether that be fulfilled emotionally, peaceful spiritually, or loved eternally.

She can assure you that your emotions will have a safe haven with her. She believes that It’s okay to require physical touch, in order to heal, to be heard & feel acknowledged. Its human nature for crying out loud! She will hold a safe space for you, judgement free! She is open to both men and women of all backgrounds are welcome, including members of the LGBTQI+ community.

Session information from McKenzie

I highly prefer to talk via phone, email, face-time or video chat with all new clients prior to us meeting. Because the brief chat (5-10 mins) gives us an opportunity to break the ice, discuss the Code of Conduct, & discuss the expectations you hope to get from the scheduled session.

We can cuddle while we watch a good TV show, your favorite movie, we can talk about aliens if you’re peculiar like me or we can sit in silence. Just hold hands, spoon etc, The options are truly endless, whatever makes you feel the most comfortable.

My availability:
7 days a week (24/7-time-varies).I also do long extended sessions (example: 4+ hours)

Incalls: NONE AVAILABLE (I am so sorry.)

Option 1: Your residence (example: home/ apartment) in Manhattan/ Queens OR
Option 2: You can book a hotel for the time scheduled in Manhattan/ Queens. (accessible by subway train). Please specify which you prefer.
**Willing to travel to Brooklyn/ Bronx for an additional FLAT fee of 20$.**

My accepted forms of payment are:
1. Zelle, 2. Cash app, 3. Venmo and/or cash but only the EXACT amount (change may not be available.)

**Payment is due at the beginning of the session.**

Please practice exceptional hygiene by dressing in clean, nice smelling, freshly washed clothing. (example: stainless pajamas, t-shirt & sweatpants/shorts.) I will wear a comfy t-shirt & leggings/sweatpants.

Upon receiving your request form, I will respond to you within 12 hours either by email or text. Before asking questions, please throughly read the Code of Conduct. If there is any confusion afterwards, I’d be more then happy to help give clarity!

Thank you so much for booking me. I am forever grateful to you, can’t wait to see you! Hopefully you can be a regular.

Skills & Specialties

life coach motivational speaker words of affirmation positive thinking building confidence suicidal mediation support personal coaching


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