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Trained Cuddlist

Session Rate: $90/hour + Travel Fee for Out-calls + Hotel (share) Fee for In-calls

Arlington, VA

About Melanie

Click HERE to watch my introduction video so you can get a sense of who I am.

It is my Joy and my Honor to genuinely connect with You! A passion for neuroscience and authenticity led me to champion Platonic Touch. Cuddling is Powerful! In our best and worst moments, we innately reach out and long to be held. Yet, our culture deprives us of our basic human need for affection. My purpose and pleasure is to support you to unlock, heal, and strengthen Mind, Body, and Spirit … with blissful Cuddles!

My ikigai or life’s purpose is to promote connection and compassion. My strong intellectual curiosity balances a noticeably rare honesty and vulnerable openness that has enabled me to effortlessly and deeply connect with people from all walks of life, the world over. I’m a little force of nature that leaves you musing about how easy it is to talk to me, how intuitively I understand, and how peaceful you feel in my presence. It is my mission to provide sincere edifying connection to you, empowering you to be compassionate, firstly and most importantly, to yourself and then to others.

As a military veteran, I know, up close and personal, how our entire physiology and temperament is rearranged daily by stress; temporal and physical separation from loved ones; perpetuating myths of toxic masculinity; poor communication; shame; anxiety; and traumas. I know intimately the disconnection, physical and mental illness, and suffering this causes. And I also know how we truly cannot face life’s battles alone. So bring yourself as you are, be awkward and anxious, excited then calm, sad and reminiscent, or crack jokes and play. Whatever the moment brings, we’re in it together. Let’s kick that adrenaline and cortisol stored in your body out! Let’s cuddle that oxytocin and feeling of positivity into every cell! Connection is life!

I invite you to listen to that inner voice that perks up at the idea of real intimacy. Put your mind at ease! In a moment, your Bravery to take one step into the unknown, your Audacity to explore nurturing platonic touch, will be rewarded with the transformative magic of warmth, acceptance, and comfort! I will be there for you with open arms! You will have my undivided attention and focus on your needs. You don’t have to negotiate or reciprocate just ask for exactly what you desire. You can enjoy the novelty of receiving, on your terms, and just sink into the glory of true relaxation.

Session information from Melanie

Take a gander at this YouTube playlist to find out What To Expect in a Cuddle Session.

You can also go directly to my booking site to see my other Connection Session offerings and calendar availability.

If you would like to be placed on the In-call List to coordinate a shared hotel cost, please let me know!

Session length must be equal to or longer than the round-trip travel time. 60 mins tends to feel a bit short, I recommend 90 mins. Travel costs are waived for the physically disabled.

When I receive your Session Request, I’ll contact you as quickly as I can to set up a complimentary video chat.  This will give us a chance to make sure we are comfortable with each other and on the same page. We can address any of your questions, desires, concerns, and talk about what to expect.

Please be encouraged to have a chat with me and just find out if this experience is right for you. I welcome anyone and everyone willing to be mutually and platonically respectful.

Veterans, you can trade your Battle Buddy in for a Cuddle Buddy! I got your six! (and a discount!)


Available for out-calls in the Washington, DC Metro area. You can check my calendar at: https://squ.re/2OnpBky