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Melody Joyce

Trained Cuddlist

Session Rate: $90/hour

New York, NY

About Melody Joyce

Welcome! And congratulations on taking a big step in self-care. I’m honored that you are considering sharing the extraordinary gift of healing presence and touch with clear boundaries, mutual consent, and full heart.

I want you to experience the warmth of acceptance, healing from shame and judgment, and relaxation and joy that cuddling provides. To breathe, notice what you want and communicate it with clarity and confidence while knowing that I will take care of myself and care for you.

I LOVE this nourishing, transformative work, and the amazing people I get to work with. It’s my healing, my learning, my calling. I have experienced struggles with shame, judgment, and criticism around sexuality, my body, and touch. Experiences of being held and sinking deeply into embodied presence with a loving, caring person are healing me from shame and judgment, freeing me from loneliness, and actually opening me up to the possibility that life can be more gentle and nourishing than I had believed. I want to share this with you, and I love providing a safe, accepting, celebratory space for you to just BE, and the profound healing and joy that can provide. Pleasure is so healing. The consent and mutual agreement to take responsibility for our own pleasure and comfort that happens in the Cuddlist session create the safety needed to relax and feel pleasure. Each session is an inspiration and model of healthy relationship. If it feels right to you, I would love the opportunity to share space with you and just be.

Session information from Melody Joyce

Safety is a prerequisite for feeling pleasure. Please tell me what you need to feel safe and comfortable, and I’ll strive to provide that. Below are what helps me show up feeling safe and open-hearted, so I can really be present for you:

Get-to-know-you-meeting: Our first meeting (~10 minutes max) will be in a public place, like a diner or nice coffee shop, where we can speak and get to know each other. It’s a chance for us to establish our agreement – desires, boundaries, what I am and am not offering, etc. — and gives us a sense of each other, before we are alone in private. Then we’ll stroll the short distance over to my apartment, for our cuddling session.

Scents: I’m sensitive to perfume, chemicals and cigarette smoke, so if you smoke, please wear freshly laundered clothes. I’ll have mouthwash here, and sugar-free mints if you prefer, and you are welcome to take a shower before we start, if our session is at the end of a long day. My Cuddle Oasis I currently offer sessions on the Upper West Side, in a beautiful, serene studio apartment, close to the Hudson River behind Lincoln Center (zip code 10069, elevator building.) I’m about a 10-minute walk from the 1, 2, or 3 trains at 72nd, or the 1 train at 66th. There is a parking garage in my building (entrance on 68th), and street parking is ‘catch as catch can.’ There are two cats who share my apartment. They keep to themselves when there’s company, and I vacuum to minimize cat hair. Once I know you, I’m open to talking about cuddling in other places. Payment and Cancellation I appreciate the exchange of $90/hour for my time and services, and because I tend to forget about it, I prefer that happen at the beginning of a session. Making a deposit opens up another portal to pleasure for you ….. anticipation!! This sharing of money symbolizes your commitment to giving yourself this wonderful, healing gift, and anticipation makes it even better!! The deposit for a session is $30, and if you need to cancel a session with me (I understand life), it will be applied to a future session. Payment/deposit can be in the form of cash, PayPal or Venmo, and if none of those work for you, we’ll work something out.


Skills & Specialties

somatic educator reiki healing touch


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