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Michael M

Trained Cuddlist

Session Rate: $80/hour + travel fees for outcalls

West Hollywood, CA

About Michael M

Hello friend! “Can I give you a hug?”

A simple hug can be so powerful. It can completely change your life! Your attitude, your mood, and your outlook brighten and shine just from a warm embrace. To be cared for, to be appreciated, to be loved; that’s what we all need to fully experience living.

Not only do we feel better when we cuddle, there are enormous physical benefits as well. Our heart rate and blood pressure lowers, and we decrease stress hormones. Some believe we actually can extend our lives!

These days, it’s really hard to connect with others in this truly therapeutic way. Everyone is so afraid to touch each other. But we all need touch; it undeniably allows us to thrive.

Schedule now to feel the power of the cuddle! I will call you so I can answer any questions you have and then we can work out all the details.

Session information from Michael M

I offer 60/90/120 minute sessions that always begin with that simple hug to warmly welcome and invite you into this loving experience.

As we kick off our shoes and get comfy, we discuss and practice how to communicate to ensure a trusting and safe environment. Then we do a breathing exercise to relax us. Once all that’s done it’s time to cuddle.

This session is all about your needs, so you will guide how close we get. Once you are feeling more comfortable, we can experiment with different positions. We can talk and laugh, or we can just be quiet and enjoy the moment.

We end with another embrace, and you will leave feeling relaxed, renewed and ready to conquer the world again!


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