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Trained Cuddlist

Session Rate: $80/hour

Seattle, WA

About Mike

You deserve the depth of connection that you want in life. My hope is that you’ll leave our sessions more empowered in your boundaries and able to relax more into touch and physical closeness. I welcome all diverse human expressions and stories.

I want to empower you to get in touch with what YOU want in connection. I want to help you develop a deep embodied understanding of what is a YES and what is a NO for you, and for you to be able to speak and live from that place. And I want you to have all the touch you want in your life and none of the touch that you don’t want. I believe that human connection is a portal into the deepest joys, sorrows, and meaning of what it is to be human, and it is a portal that goes infinitely deep, but can only be entered safely when we can communicate what our body wants and doesn’t want.

I spent most of my life afraid of touch, avoiding eye contact, and with completely permeable boundaries. So many damn times did I find myself in a physical situation I didn’t want to be in, but just tolerating it until it ended. My intimate life was overwhelmed with fear, unsafety, insecurity, guessing what my desires were *supposed* to be, and using alcohol to run from how painfully incongruous and violating this all was.

Discovering the worlds of cuddling, authentic relating, and intimacy coaching truly changed my life. Through lots of tumultuous practice, I’ve learned to hear and act on my yes and no. This has shown me that I don’t need to spend time in interactions I don’t want to be in. Over years of practice I’ve found the clarity and courage to say no to the interactions and relationships that don’t feel good for me. Knowing what we want and don’t want isn’t easy, and truly is a lifelong practice. But this very practice has birthed unspeakable depths of healing for me –  I feel grateful that my life is saturated with deep connections and that I have varied access to touch, cuddles, intimacy, depth, dance, and love – and all within the boundaries that I have set.

Working to help others develop these skills brings me joy. I love the deeply present, in-the-moment exchange of helping another listen to their body, find what feels good, and communicate their inner world.

And I know what it’s like to have a life devoid of touch and deep connection. I know what it’s like to fear physical touch because it might lead to my boundaries getting crossed. And I know that place sucks. It’s why I want to help you find the freedom and deep connection that comes from knowing your boundaries.

If you are interested, I’d love to connect and see if it feels right to schedule a session. And if you are interested in a cuddle session but my profile isn’t resonating, I encourage you to connect with one of the other Cuddlists who feels like a better fit – there’s some good folks on this site!.

I am genuinely wishing you the best on your journey – even coming to this website is an omen of growth and good things to come.

<3 Mike

Session information from Mike

I can conduct my sessions either at my place or at your’s. I live in NE Capitol Hill in a tiny-home in the backyard of an intentional-community house I belong to. Street parking is free. I like to light candles and play gentle music to my sessions. I start each session by checking in with where we’re each at, and going over our consent agreement. Within the Code of Conduct, your wants and impulses will guide the session. I want you to come out of each session both blissed-out and in your power. During a cuddle-session tons of oxytocin gets released, which can make you feel floaty and happy. It is also possible to come-down in the 24 hours following; for that reason I like to stay in touch after a session so I can remain in support.

Skills & Specialties

Personal coaching Podcast interviewing Facilitating group pleasure exploration experiences Facilitating group dance experiences


I have a flexible schedule and can meet afternoons and evenings most days of the week.

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