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Trained Cuddlist

Session Rate: $80/hour

Seattle, WA

About Mike

I want to provide a nourishing and empowering experience where you get exactly the type of touch you want, and where you feel comfortable speaking your ‘yes’ and ‘no.’ I welcome all diverse human expressions and stories.

Hi there. I’m Mike. This profile is an honest account of my journey into living vulnerably, and my hope to support you in your own journey.

It took me years to discover that touch is one of my primary love-languages. It is one of my favorite ways to communicate, and it is the channel that allows me to feel truly close to another person.

For most of my life I was terrified to touch another human, because I was terrified of being vulnerable. I always knew that true connection happens through vulnerability – though I avoided vulnerability for years because I thought that there was fundamentally something wrong with me. I remember in college, I would go to parties and get drunk and initiate ‘heart-to-heart’ conversation with friends.

But using alcohol to bypass my fear was not sustainable. And the sloppy drunk conversations weren’t actually giving me the meaningful connection I was so parched for. I had to do some deeper inner work.

I felt like I was fundamentally damaged until my early 20’s because I was not okay with my sexuality. Sexuality is a lifelong journey, but after accepting the shape of my desires, everything started changing. I quit my corporate trajectory and started creating the life I actually wanted. I began to start vulnerable conversations with friends without being drunk and opened the door to the type of connections I actually wanted.

I noticed that as I opened up more, it gave permission for my friends to do the same. I eventually found communities who were dedicated to vulnerability and who practiced the skills that go into deeper communication. Simultaneously I discovered some dance communities that valued physical expression and touch in a way I had never encountered. 

 This all felt like a homecoming.

I began to see that touch was a gateway into truly deep and vulnerable connection. I remember going for a walk with 3 of my male friends where we all held hands. We had been friends for years, and our love and affection for each other ran deep. And in that moment we were able to express our love unshackled from fear and cultural conditioning around gender for the first time.

I have put a lot of deliberate practice into the skills of creating a space for another person to feel safe being vulnerable. I had to work through a lot of discomfort with touch. A lot of this had to do with separating touch from sexuality. It took a while to learn that I could touch a friend not for sexual reasons, but just because it felt connecting and good.

I love cuddling as a form of touch because it is dynamic and really allows both people to feel whatever is present. Sometimes when I am cuddling I feel like a baby being nurtured, or sometimes like a parent. Sometimes cuddling lets me feel safe to feel my sadness and cry, or to hold another in their tears. Sometimes cuddling is deeply comforting. Sometimes it is grounding and gets me back into my body. And sometimes, plain and simple, it just feels pleasant!

I have taken trainings and worked with mentors and practice-partners over the years so that I can help people find the type of connection they want. I enjoy helping people tune into their bodies to discover what it is they want or need, and then empowering them to ask for it. I enjoy helping people discover what they don’t want and empowering them to voice their boundaries. I have worked hard to create a space that feels safe, warm, welcoming, and playful. And I enjoy processing and understanding the experience while it’s happening and afterwards as much as being in it.

As a cuddlist, I am a guide to help you get the experience that you want.

If you are interested to bring more touch into your life, practice being vulnerable, work through fear of intimacy, or practice voicing your wants and boundaries, and something about my profile resonates with you, I would love to have a conversation. 🙂


Session information from Mike

We can meet to cuddle at either your home or mine. I live in NE Capitol Hill. Street parking is free. 

I appreciate setting a soft vibe, and enjoy lighting candles and playing gentle music.

I start each session by sharing a few breaths together so that we can each get into our bodies. Then giving space for either of us to share anything on our mind. And then going over our consent agreement. 

The session is guided by whatever you want – it’s my job to help us get there. 

I want you to come out of each session feeling deeply nourished and empowered. 

During a cuddle-session tons of oxytocin gets released, which can make you feel floaty and happy. It is also possible to come-down in the 24 hours following. If we do cuddle, I will touch base with you the following day to see how you’re doing and to see if there is any way I can remain in support.

I hope I get the chance to guide us through a cuddling experience together 🙂

Skills & Specialties

1-on-1 spaceholding facilitating group experiences podcast interviewing hospice volunteering contact improvisation dance


I have a flexible schedule and can meet afternoons and evenings most days of the week.

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