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Session Rate: $144/hour + travel fee

Haiku, HI

About Millie

Sometimes the best medicine is just to hold and to be held by another. When we engage in safe and loving platonic touch we are capable of incredible feats including healing from past relational trauma, rewriting our behavioral patterns, fostering our own self-love and confidence, increasing the beauty we experience in the world, and decreasing anxiety, criticism, and depression. I vow to accept you as you are, to listen to/see you without judgment, and to hold you in a truly loving embrace.

I believe that each and every human has inherent beauty and value and I aspire to help you to see these qualities within yourself. As a student of Biology and Psychology, I am convinced that cuddling and the subsequent release of oxytocin (the “warm-fuzzy” hormone) is one of the best medicines available to us. When we experience this feeling of being held, cared for, and respected, we open to beautiful new ways of interacting with the world, ourselves, and others.

As a certified yoga instructor, dancer, and artist, I also recognize how important embodiment practices, including cuddling and self-expression, are. In our cuddling session, I hope to create a trusting and loving container from which you are able to explore new possibilities within yourself and your relations with others. During our session, I am open to exploring other avenues including, meditations, breathing exercises, vocalizations/sounding practices, and emotional tapping techniques upon request. I am also here to listen to you if there is something you need to process via talking during our cuddle time. Those options being given, this session is truly in your hands. You will have the freedom to curate what it is that you want from our cuddle session, within the boundaries of platonic touch. I so look forward to meeting you and to growing together in trust, harmony, love, and cuddles!

Session information from Millie

-Once you submit a request, I will call you to discuss cuddle session details including the code of contacts and location, etc.

-Our session will begin with a verbal drop-in where we can discuss anything that you’d like as well as agreements, desires, and boundaries. Once we both feel comfortable, we will begin cuddling! At the beginning of the session, I give the option to open with breathwork or meditation if you’re interested. The cuddle session is in an open-communication zone where you are encouraged to share what feels good and things you would like to try.

-Agreements to be honored can be viewed in the Code of Conduct – this is a safe, platonic, cuddle space filled with mutual respect and trust.

-I will come to you

– I am open to traveling anywhere on the island of Maui with the inclusion of a $44 fee for gas.

-I accept payments via cash, Venmo, and PayPal

Skills & Specialties

Yoga and Meditation Teacher Breathwork Practitioner Embodiment and Dance Practitioner


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