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Trained Cuddlist

Session Rate: $70/hour + travel fees for outcalls

Blue Lake, CA

About Morgan

Consensual touch, offered to you with no judgement, can be a profound experience. I come from a culture where touch is a natural part of interaction, but moving to the US I found that touch was more scarce, and charged with sexual tension or shame. I wanted to offer a space where anyone, no matter gender, sexuality, ability, age or ethnicity can explore their own wants and desires, knowing it’s all given with enthusiasm or gently declined. My work in theatre and dance, as well as a teaching, work with elderly, disabled and with the LGBTQ+ community, have taught me how to meet people where they are at, and to see them for who they are. If you feel starved of touch (as so many are in our society) or you feel like you need to work on intimacy and setting boundaries or you want to experience touch on your own terms – I’m here for you.

Just a few examples of services I can provide:
– Emotional support during a breakup or big life event, or just to alleviate some of the hardships that arise in everyday life
– Grief support or a shoulder to cry on after the loss of a loved one
– Want some companionship? I love to listen to people and share ideas. I’m happy to sit and talk.
– A walk in nature together, dancing in the living room

Want to just be held? I can help there, too.

Session information from Morgan

Our first contact, after your request is either a phone call, text or email, depending on your preference seeing if we can find a time that suits us both. If we find a suitable time, we have a follow up call or email where we go over the basics, to make sure we are a good fit: expectations, where we should meet and how long the session is, the Code of Conduct and other special requests from both of us.

In a session with me, you will meet a clean, calm and welcoming atmosphere, in a perfume-free space.

Alternatively, I can come to your space, or we can meet up in a public space if that would feel better to you. We will have time to connect, verbally and physically, and find out what we both want to do together. The first thing we do is establish the boundaries of the session, reviewing the Code of Conduct as needed. In addition to the Code of Conduct I ask you to:
– Not use any scented products prior to a session
– Not smoke during or right before session
– Not have any contagious illness, like the flu or a cold
– Wear clean clothes and have fresh breath

My space is near Blue Lake in a nice neighborhood, and we have parking on our driveway. There are two small steps up to the door, and no ramp, but we can probably organize something for wheelchair access. The neighbor’s very nice dog may greet you, but we have no indoor pets.

I can also travel up to 1 h from Blue Lake either direction if an outcall is requested. I charge an extra $25 flat rate for outcalls. This fee will be waived for people with disabilities. If you live more than an hour away, contact me and we can discuss if we can make special arrangements.

Payment will be at the beginning of the session, in cash. You can prepay before the session too via PayPal. Cancellation should be done 24 hours ahead of the session, unless it’s a medical emergency/illness.

Skills & Specialties

MFA in Ensemble based Physical Theater - Directing and acting MA in Education - teaching Eco-conscious and Climate Change Depression Grief support LGBTQ+ conscious Empathy and Active Listening Personal coach Games/Nordic Larp/Educational Role-play designer Tai Chi/Qi Gong Dance


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