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Nancy Jo

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Nancy Jo

Certified Cuddlist

Session Rate: $80/hour

Millbrook, AL

About NanJo

In this fast passed world, that can sometimes be hard, let me provide a soft space for you to relax and be nurtured. Let my healing touch restore, rejuvenate and allow you to bring your best self to the world.

I am a firm believer that all of us function better when our needs are met.  We live in a touch deprived society and providing a space to cuddle is my way of remedying that. Physical contact lasting over 20 seconds releases Oxytocin, a feel good hormone that promotes a sense of wellbeing and trust. When someone feels safe they can open their heart allowing life force energy to flow through them and be expressed in the world. Many of us have built walls around our heart that keep us from taping into that energy leaving us feeling down and tired. Let me help you connect to your heart and rejuvenate your soul using safe, nurturing, plutonic touch.

I have always enjoyed touch so becoming a cuddliest was pretty much a given! I can include Reiki in our sessions, suggest various supplements, herbs and flower essences to both support physical and mental health or just hold you. I am intuitive and an excellent listener. I don’t see people as broken, we are all human beings dealing with life the best way we can. We all, from time to time become unbalanced, let me assist you in finding your center.

Our session can be anything you need it to be (as long as we are following the code of conduct), all you need do is ask. We could just snuggle, hold hands and chat, take a nap, spoon, meditate, give or get a massage, explore the philosophies of life…whatever you need, there are unlimited possibilities in a cuddle session within the code.

Be good to yourself, do the things that make your heart soften and open. Join me for a cuddle.

Session information from NanJo

What to expect:

First I want to congratulate you at taking this courageous step to get a very basic human need of touch and connection met. Sometimes when people hear about professional cuddling they think it is weird and/or intimidating. We will have an opportunity to address any concerns you may have and the ways to keep our boundaries clear creating safety and good communications. The session is about you, so you will have my undivided attention in a judgement free zone.

I will respond to you within 24 hours by email with more information about how to schedule with me and the best way to contact me with questions and concerns. I generally schedule about a week in advance on average. I may require an in-person meeting before scheduling a session to assure we are a good match. It is very unlikely I will be available for a same day session request. I collect payment either in cash at the beginning of each session or in advance online via PayPal.

I conduct my sessions in a space within my home in Millbrook AL, it is private, serene and comfortable. We cuddle on a large and comfortable futon with lots of pillows. There is mood lighting, relaxing music or we can listen to a specific genre of your choice or nothing at all. After discussing our consensual communications agreement and individual preferences, we can then explore your personal needs and wants. This is an amazing opportunity for you to identify and speak your wants and needs and learn to bring that practice into your everyday life.

I ask all clients to take the initiative to confirm with me the day before their scheduled session at which time I provide them with location details. If you confirm with me and then need to cancel after that I ask for a minimum of 50% payment for the cancelled session time or a prompt rescheduling of the session. Your commitment to your own self care is important to me. If you cancel last minute or do not show up for our confirmed appointment I ask for full payment. My time and attention is valuable to me. Your gestures of respect are invaluable.


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Reiki 3rd degree Possibilities DNA PAX Programs


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