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Certified Cuddlist

Session Rate: $100/hour, $80/hour if 6 hours or more are prepaid

Los Angeles, CA | Silver Lake | Echo Park

About Ondrej

(Pronouns: He/Him/His)

I was born legally blind in Czechoslovakia in 1970, under Russian rule. My personal experience of violence and abandonment ignited my inner sun. People of all genders, ages, shapes, sizes, skin colors, and political leanings have told me countless times that my warm intuitive spirit makes them feel close and safe. I love sharing my natural gift of calming presence in particular with clients who want to introduce more touch into their everyday life, but who are also afraid of it. Respect for personal boundaries and consent is always the highest priority.

My qualifications: 2017 Certified Cuddlist with Cuddlist.com; 2016 Certified by Cuddle Sanctuary in Los Angeles; 2016 Course completion certificate at Cuddle Up To Me/Certified Cuddlers by Samantha Hess in Portland OR; 2002-2014 An intensive 12-year background in body work and Osho meditation.

Recent Review: “Ondrej is a ray of light. When I finally got to meet him in person I was struck by just how warm he is and how quickly and easily we connected. I was drawn right to him. He may be my favorite platonic cuddle to date. I hope to cuddle with him again, many times, in the future.”


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Welcome to your Body-Shame-Free Zone

“I want touch, but I’m afraid of ridicule or abuse if I expressed my needs.” “#MeToo; I got hurt, I did my therapy so I’m fine, but I’m still touch hungry and don’t know how to start safely.” If this sounds close to what made you search for a cuddler, we may be a good fit. Before our session can happen we will meet either in person or online to make sure we want to get closer and cuddle. Once I have received your session request, I will contact you via e-mail within 24 hours to initiate our conversation about session preferences, possible concerns, touch related traumas or triggers, Cuddlist Code of Conduct, boundaries, consent, and the platonic nature of this service. Once we know we’re going to cuddle, I will ask you to sign a client waiver and to pay for the session.

My office is on the ground floor of a craftsman-style house in Silver Lake where I live with my wife. We both work from home. Our house is located in a quiet neighborhood a 10-minute drive from downtown LA (90026). The dedicated cuddle area is a bed/couch inside an alcove within my spacious multi-purpose office where I also work as an IT professional. All the windows face an enclosed backyard garden full of green. Client bathroom is right next to the office. There are no pets in the house and no strong smells other than plumeria and lemon trees in the garden. I do not use fabric softener on my laundry. There is ample street parking.


Skills & Specialties

Certified Cuddle Sanctuary Workshop Leader Experience in Osho Meditation Techniques Experience with Grief


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