Professional Cuddlist, Prince Roc, South Bend IN
Professional Cuddlist, Prince Roc, South Bend IN
Professional Cuddlist, Prince Roc, South Bend IN

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Prince Roc

Trained Cuddlist

Session Rate: $80/hr plus $1/mile travel over 15 miles

South Bend, IN

About Prince Roc

Do you feel a hole, an ache inside? That longing to be touched, validated, held loved? Do you find yourself searching for it in the wrong places, or giving up? I know what you feel. I felt it as far back as I can remember… and now I love helping others find a healthy way to fulfill this need!

I specialize in helping people who feel nervous, in helping them to open up, try new things and become comfortable in their own skin. I started there too.

I can help you find your center, your balance, your deep breaths. Whatever you’re holding inside, I have a safe space to hold you without judgment. I want to help you find the healing you need from the inside out.

Session information from Prince Roc

I currently only do outcall sessions for new clients. I travel 20 miles free of charge, beyond that, I charge $1/mile. I also do sessions in Toledo, OH once a month, and facilitate a cuddle party about every 6 weeks. Please dont hesitate to reach out and ask about options

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Skills & Specialties

Trauma Informed Intuitive energy work


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