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Certified Cuddlist

Session Rate: $120/hr (VIRTUAL SESSIONS ONLY)


About Rachael


I am responding to the current world situation by expanding our ways to connect. The therapeutic value of a session is not simply about the touch, it is about the intimacy that is created with healthy boundaries and a willingness to open up to one another. To see and be seen by another. We can create our own confidential haven of time together however is best for both of us, and there are different ways we can do that in a virtual session. Request a session today letting me know you want something virtual and we will begin! For these sessions, the turnaround from request to session is quick! Same day sessions for new clients are now a (virtual) reality! 🙂

Until further notice, it no longer feels responsible to conduct in-person sessions. While COVID-19 needs to be taken seriously and precautionary measures are vital, it is my belief that it’s extremely important to maintain whatever normalcy we can for our mental health. Physical distancing, while critical, will also serve to isolate us and drive up depression, which is why many people seek this service in the first place. Now more than ever, a sense of connection is necessary to combat the loneliness and depression that is increasing exponentially with this crisis. I’m committed to still supporting people through their struggles and I strongly encourage you to try a VIRTUAL session as described above. I believe we’re in a time of great awakening to the reality of how interconnected we all are, and staying connected and kind is how we will get through it. Stay safe, friends. Love and light to all. <3

Remember when Joey and Ross on FRIENDS had the “best nap ever” when they fell asleep cuddling?? That’s because the benefits of cuddling go well beyond romantic intimacy! Think of a time when you might have felt stressed after a long day. You come home at the end of the day exhausted (and if you’re like me, a bit grumpy!) and your parent/sibling/roommate/significant other gave you a giant bear hug that allowed you to melt into their embrace. How did you feel during and after that hug? It’s very likely that you felt supported, loved, nurtured, confident, relaxed, and more connected to that person; that whatever you were going through, it wasn’t alone.

Human connection is a basic need, and is surprisingly not that easy to find in a city of 8 million people. Combine a city that never slows down with this age of rapid technological advancement and our current political climate, and you’ll agree that we are rapidly losing that connection with others. We text in shorthand and send emojis to relay our most intimate thoughts. We’re plugged in to our devices on the street, in the subway, at the gym and even at the grocery store. Where does one find human connection in the 21st Century?? Welcome to Cuddlist! We MUST regain human connection, and the simplest way to do that is through platonic touch.

There is so much power in something as basic as a hug (and I’ve often been told that my hugs are medicinal!). In addition to feeling that sense of connection with another, I have felt since early childhood that the fastest way to calm and relax me is through touch sensation. Having benefited so extensively from the power of platonic touch in my life, I am excited to pass on those benefits to you! Nannying and dog sitting have reinforced for me that I am a natural nurturer, destined to spread warmth and compassion to others. Whether you’re here for that warmth and connection or to discover and learn how to communicate your intimacy boundaries, I am excited to go on this journey with you! My practice is inclusive: I welcome men, women and GNC individuals from all ethnic backgrounds, religions, political parties, and members of the LGBTQIAPK community. If you have mobility issues, I am happy to discuss your needs and accommodate them as best as I can. Feel free to reach out; I cannot wait to meet you!! <3

I’ve been a certified Cuddlist since November 2017 and have cuddled over 250 hours. Hear what my clients are saying!

“I am feeling wonderful; I woke up feeling relaxed and energized for my seminar. Yesterday, I would only answer questions that I felt obliged to answer and was uninterested in speaking with the other attendees outside of ‘yes’ or ‘no’ responses. However TODAY, I’ve been engaging with other people at the seminar and actually INITIATING conversations with a light-heartedness that was not there before our session.”

“Thanks for renewing my belief in humanity.”

“That did not feel like a first session. I’m still in shock about how fast time flew and how good that felt. Thank you for a life-affirming experience. You made me feel very at home and for that I appreciate you. Still happily surprised to feel so organically connected with you.”

“I feel like I landed in an ocean of pure love, compassion and heart.”

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***Looking for a super-charged healing session? I am also a certified Reiki practitioner! Reiki is a form of energy healing that can bring relief to physical as well as emotional symptoms through the principle of resonance. (Everything is energy, baby!) If you are interested in adding Reiki to your session, please inquire for more info and rates.***

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After requesting a session and reading through the Code of Conduct, we will exchange emails and set up a Virtual Session.

We will begin the session by creating a consensual agreement together and going through a couple of brief exercises to promote our ongoing, open communication. Learning how to hone your communication skills when it comes to what you desire (or don’t) is one of the most exciting aspects of professional cuddling for me, and I want to make sure you get the most out of your time!


If you have to cancel, please give me 24 hours notice. If you cancel within 24 hours or simply do not show up, I will still charge for the session. Thank you for understanding!

Skills & Specialties

certified Reiki practitioner active listening empathy non-judgement love energy transference meditation/manifestation cuddling!


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