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Rachel C

Trained Cuddlist

Session Rate: $150 for my 2 hour package *save $50 OR $100 for 1 hour

Manhattan, New York, NY

About Rachel C

G’Day Mates, I’m Rachel; Australian, empathetic, nurturing, playful and down-to-earth. Since I have lots of positive energy people generally feel comfortable and relaxed in my presence. I would like you to feel like you are on vacation mode while spending time with me. A safe space where you are able to fully unwind, be completely carefree and even laugh (or giggle) a bit, hehe! Given my own happiness is strongly dependent upon the happiness of others, I take great pride in ensuring those around me are bubbling over with absolute EUPHORIA!!

I’m super tactile; I love to touch & be touched. I have been a ‘Cuddle Monster’ for as long as I can remember and I would love to continue my own process of learning and discovery alongside you and yours. Within the Code of Conduct, I will gladly accommodate your desires so whether you want complete peace & quiet, intellectually stimulating conversations or a combination of relaxation techniques I’ve got your back.

I believe consensual, platonic touch is profoundly powerful and essential to a happy life. Oxytocin (the hormone produced when humans touch) can decrease stress, boost the immune system and fight anxiety. I would love for you take the positive energy you gain from our session and spread the love to help others. Especially in a place like NYC where true connections are hard to come by and so many people are starved for affection. My mission is to make the world a better place; one cuddle at a time…will you help me to achieve this dream?!

Session information from Rachel C

Prior to a session, we will email or text to discuss any questions/concerns, feel out our cuddling chemistry, and if both parties consent – schedule a session! I offer incalls. YOU COME TO ME; Monday – Friday 10am-8pm (Manhattan, NYC). My cuddle sessions are;

1 hour; $100

2 hours; $150 *save $50!!!

We will begin by making a commitment to open communication and establishing trust. This agreement will carry us through the session, ensuring that comfort, needs and boundaries are being communicated throughout. From there we will have a safer space in which to discover what shapes our cuddling will take.

During our cuddle, you will receive my undivided attention with unconditional support and acceptance. Sessions are completely customizable and based on mutual consent. You are invited to share anything with me in a completely professional, judgement-free and confidential environment. Feel free to reach out to me, I’m super friendly. It’s Cuddle Time!!

Skills & Specialties

Amateur Masseuse Transformational Hugger


INCALL: YOU COME TO ME Monday-Friday 10am-8pm

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