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Trained Cuddlist

Session Rate: $60-$125/hour Sliding Scale based on financial ability - Travel Fee Applies for Outcall Sessions


About Raven

As someone who deeply craves touch, I understand how important it is to have nourishing and supportive contact with other human beings. With touch as my primary language, it has always been challenging finding it in the world – and even more now during Covid. Becoming a Cuddlist felt like a natural fit for me.

Everyone needs touch and our society does not offer enough opportunities to safely give and receive platonic, healing touch.

For sensitive individuals: HSP’s, empaths, energetic intuitives, and those with touch as their primary love language, this lack of touch and connection can be painful, and difficult.

I’m here to meet that need! The spaces I hold are safe, loving, inclusive and fun! I follow your desires and flow in our session time together. I aspire to your comfort and platonic touch needs. Learning about boundaries, consent and how to find ways to get your needs met in your life come along with the experience.

I bring all of me to this work. In addition to being a Cuddlist, I am also a healer, intuitive, visionary, advocate, mediator and lawyer. I hold deep space daily for individuals and groups. I understand needing touch. I currently work for myself and make my home in Costa Rica. Sessions will be available here – or wherever I find myself in the future – distance cuddle sessions may also be available upon request.

I love to cuddle! I am a warm, loving person, and have a dozen years of cuddle and facilitation experience. I am excited leap into cuddle space with you!

Every session is different for every person every time. Bring all of you where you are in the moment and we will explore and find what works for you. Some examples of what you can choose may be talking, eye gazing, holding hands, playing with hair, giving or receiving a back massage or light touch, or trying various cuddling positions. We can practice saying no too, which can also be hard to do in this world. We may play with touch specifically requested or we may try new things.

You are ALWAYS *at choice*. Boundaries are respected – and, I expect the same back from you. I’m here for you for whatever comes up – playful oxytocin surges, laughter, tears (happy, sad, grieving), anger or other emotions. Memories and sharing are invited.

In a nutshell, ALL of you is welcome here. I invite you to show up and surrender to the experience in relaxation and safety. I thrive with emotional vulnerability and authentic connection. You will find no judgment, obligation or expectations. Persons with disabilities, LGBTQI and BIPOC, are encouraged to contact me.

I am excited to share this with YOU!

Session information from Raven

My prices are a sliding scale between $60- $125 per hour based on your financial ability in these times. There will be an extra fee if I come to you and this will depend on your location.

I’m currently located just outside of San Isidro del General, Costa Rica (3 hours south of the Capitol of San José, and 1 hour from the pacific beach of Dominical).

There might also be COVID-related boundaries from either of us in any given moment. Happy to discuss. In pre-COVID times, I do travel quite a bit and I hope to do so again. I will update this page when I am traveling. That said, if you are in another region of Costa Rica, I would most certainly consider coming to your region if we can figure out the logistics for my being there, lining up clients, etc. So, contact me to explore possibilities! I’m an out of the box, creative thinker and manifestor! What do you want!?!

I’m honored and excited to be Costa Rica’s first trained Cuddlist!


Contact me to schedule an appointment. 1st sessions are recommended to be 2 hours, and a minimum of 1.5 hours. My schedule varies every week so give me a few times that may work for you and we will find our *right time.*

To confirm a session and place it on my calendar, I collect the full fee for the desired time ahead of time via Venmo, Zelle or Paypal (talk to me for more information).  Once I receive the funds, you’ll get a confirmation from me.  Your session is not confirmed until I receive this! I will send you a link to a Client Intake Form for you to fill out, plus logistical details (i.e. where and how we’re meeting) and a few other documents that must be read and signed prior to our appointment.

I will send you a link to a Client Intake Form for you to fill out, plus logistical details (i.e. where and how we’re meeting) and a few other documents that must be read and signed prior to our appointment. Then, we meet!

**** Remember that I have a 24 hour cancellation policy, after which fee is forfeited. Exceptions will be considered for emergencies on a case-by-case basis. If you cancel still within the 24-hour time frame, all your money will be refunded  

Also, if you arrive by car, taxi or shared service, my home is wheelchair accessible and all disabilities are accommodated and celebrated! As a person with a disability wearing two prosthetic legs, disability (or any difference) is welcome.

If we work indoors, there is one cat in the space. Ideally, in these times, we will work in a beautiful outdoor gazebo overlooking the Costa Rican mountains.

Skills & Specialties

healer intuitive visionary advocate mediator coach.


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