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Jacksonville, FL | also serving Orlando, Ponte Vedra, St. Augustine

About Reece

Reece is a psychotherapist by trade and energy healer by nature. She has learned through experience that healing the mind is connected to healing the body and spirit. Therapeutic touch is necessary, empowering and just as beneficial or perhaps more than talk therapy, and lets face it much less painful…LOL! So whether you want a chat with your spoon or just a big hug, she gotcha. Reece is also a Certified Reiki Practitioner, so to be ReNewed mind️/body /and spirit  , just say the word when scheduling!

@RENEW YOU WELLNESS AND BEAUTY   – https://renewyouwellnessandbeauty.com

Who would benefit:

Want to experience closeness and intimacy again within a safe and platonic interaction? Whether you are grieving a death, break-up, divorce or just far away from family, studies show Therapeutic Touch can re-stimulate the feeling of connectedness.

Know someone living courageously with a terminal or chronic illness ? Medical studies have proven Therapeutic Touch has significantly strengthened and enhanced the quality of life of premature infants and the senior populations.

Therapeutic Touch is also the perfect modality for those on the autistic spectrum who are adverse to touch or survivors of physical/sexual trauma to learn how to communicate needs, healthy boundaries and navigate through the most basic level of human interaction; touch empowers the individual and helps to develop our sense safety and belonging.

Have high stress job or struggling with Social Anxiety, PTSD, Compassion Fatigue, or high levels of Cortisol ? Well get some Oxytocin!

*** All military, social workers, therapists, teachers, doctors, nurses, CNA, foster parents, firemen, policemen, EMT, cameramen, senior citizens, and those with physical or mental health disabilities get 15% off and a free gift! ***

Session information from Reece

Reece conducts her sessions in her wellness studio which is located in the beautiful Historic San Marco area; convenient with free, off-street parking and wheel-chair accessibility. The wellness studio has a very warm, inviting, and vibrant ambiance. All of your senses will be at ease with; waterfall sounds, rich art and decor colors, scents of candles/incense or essential oil diffuser ( if client is not scent adverse), revitalizing alkaline water, chairs and a big comfy couch with tons of soft pillows and blankets.

For those normal summer days or hectic afternoons coming from work the wellness studio is equipped with a full private bathroom where you can freshen up into a change of policy standard clothing. Once you are relaxed into your surroundings, Reece will walk you through the process starting with its integral component of the healthy communication agreement.

Skills & Specialties

Reiki Energy Practitioner Psychotherapist Holistic Wellness Coach


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