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Trained Cuddlist

Session Rate: $80/hour + Travel Fee for Outcalls

Seattle, WA

About Robert

Coronavirus update: in March and April I was extremely sick with coronavirus. I tested negative at the end of April, and now have regained much of my strength, and am seeing clients again. Evidence points to survivors being immune at least in the short – medium term, so I think I’m perfectly placed to serve you. Feel free to get in touch and book an appointment. I always chat on the phone with a new client before making an appointment (no obligation to book).

Hi, I’m Robert. I love being a Cuddlist. It’s such a joy to create a warm, safe space where people can receive the touch, comfort and care they need.

In my own healing journey having safe spaces where someone listened to me without judgement and without a need to fix me, coupled with safe platonic touch were they didn’t need anything from me, caused so many breakthroughs.

Safe touch and a good listener were things I needed to heal. Sometimes separately and sometimes together. One major aspect of these safe spaces was being clear who they were for, and if the person giving genuinely had enough resources to give.

Learning first to find the care I needed, and then learn to take care of myself was so vital to me healing and moving on in my life.

Now I work in spaces providing that care for others, it’s a joy to do so.

I used to be a climate scientist & had an early burnout around 5 years ago, which forced me to face a lot of things in my life. My own need for touch and care for one. Another being traumas from my past that I was running from, or at least not able to solve in years of therapy.

I’ve spent a lot of time doing personal growth work since then, particularly feelings work and work around masculine / feminine dynamics, touch and sexuality.

I was always that person that friends came to for care and comfort, even having them turn up on my doorstep unannounced from other countries, when they had had a death in the family, or split up from their partners, or were simply feeling exhausted.

I love sitting and crying with someone, listening to them or providing caring touch. I love entering those deep and intimate spaces with people. It’s something I’m called to do, and happens naturally for me.

I’m currently working as a life coach, holding men’s work groups and also working with people to address their traumas, providing them stable support and insight to help them make changes in their lives. I also do a lot of work around consent, boundaries and sensuality.

I also enjoy exploring touch with people, and finding out what feels good to them, or what they need.

As a Cuddlist it’s been a growth edge to welcome men into these intimate spaces, and one I’ve been surprised to find out I enjoy and am comfortable with.

Session information from Robert

I am currently only doing in calls in my apartment in Capitol Hill.

After welcoming you I usually sit with you, take a few deep breaths together, and ask if you have a place to start, or an idea of the touch you’d like to receive.

I ask what boundaries you have. One of mine is being asked first before being moved around.

Often I play a few boundary games, where you get used to asking for touch, saying yes or no and reviving a yes or no. These also help you discover your own boundaries.

Then I ask if you have a place to start, and we begin… I allow a client to lead with talking in a session. I am generally quiet.

A timer will go off towards the end of the session, and I’ll check in with you the next day to see how you feel and what you noticed.

Skills & Specialties

Life Coaching Authentic Relating Trauma Training Mindfulness Grief Work Non-Violent Communication Masculine/Feminine Work.


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