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Rose Sophia

Trained Cuddlist

Toronto, Ontario, CA

About Rose Sophia

Hello and welcome!

I’m honoured to have your attention on this platform with so many wonderful practitioners. I respect and honour the time, energy, and space you’ve taken to be here and learn a little bit more about me and what I might be able to offer you.

We live in a world that constantly tells us what to do, how to act, what to be. In being with me, I hold a safe space where we can practice letting all of that go—a place where we can embrace a sense of openness, playfulness, and curiousity about who we are, or who we might be, underneath all of that, through the vehicle of platonic touch and companionship. While the sessions I hold will all be held by the same container made up of the code of conduct and foundational agreements, what lays within this container will be organic, co-creative, and tailored to you. Deep-dive conversations, deep belly laughs, and complete silence are all equally treasured and welcomed.

I was born into an ethnoreligious minority group that has survived from antiquity and I’ve been a caregiver all my life. My entire adult life so far has been dedicated to directly working with and supporting people with disabilities/ different-abilities, with the last seven years specifically supporting people with acquired brain injury with their daily living activities in their residences and communities. I am also a domestic violence survivor and a near-fatal car accident survivor. So, I come to this work with great sensitivity and understanding towards those who are a part of a minority population, have disabilities/ different-abilities, have suffered/ are suffering from abuse/ violence, and/ or have had near-fatal experiences.

I also come with a social partner dance background, trained in the beautiful and sensual styles of Brazilian Zouk-Lambada and Urban Kizomba, as well as others. I have practiced and explored Vipassana Meditation, as taught by S. N. Goenka in the tradition of Sayagi U Ba Khin, Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan, and Womb Shamanism as taught by Dr. Azra and Seren Bertrand. I continue my studies and training within Womb Shamanism and aspire to become a facilitator of this work. In addition, I have earned a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) degree in Psychology from York University, a certificate in Rehabilitation Services from Seneca College, and a Life Coaching certificate from Transformational Arts College of Spiritual and Holistic Training. I am humbled by and grateful for my teachers and guides for all the lessons along the way. As a perpetual life-long learner, I feel enlivened when journeying unchartered territories and exploring the inner and outer landscapes of this life.

If there was anything of resonance here, I would love the opportunity to share space with you. Thank you for your consideration and till we meet.

Session information from Rose Sophia

Once you reach out to me, we’ll set up a brief video-conference to learn more about your needs, answer questions, confirm the Code, make sure we are a good fit, and discuss any logistics. Sessions may take place at any suitable location of your choosing. There is an additional outcall fee based on time and expense of travel which I will inform you of prior to booking your session. If we feel we’re a good fit, we’ll then schedule a session. I currently accept payment through e-transfer or PayPal up to 24 hrs in advance of our scheduled session. Tips are welcome at the end of the session, but they are not required. A waiver form is to be signed at or before the start of the session.

Cancellation policy: 24 hrs notice or 50% fee

In preparation for our session, please ensure the space we will use is clean. Please wear or bring comfortable clothing (a minimum of a tank top and shorts) and ensure you have bathed or showered within the last 12 hours and have had teeth brushed after your last meal—I will do the same. If you smoke, please avoid smoking a cigarette prior to our session. Unless they are natural fragrances such as essential oils, I prefer fragrances such as perfume or cologne to be light. I wear natural-scented fragrances; if you prefer I don’t, please let me know. Natural lighting only or dim/ soft-lighting, if it’s needed at all. Playing music, lighting candles, burning incense, diffusing oils, etc. are all welcome—these really help to create a warm, nourishing, and cozy space. However, they are completely optional and if you choose to use them they will be your responsibility to set up.

For first-time clients only, we will begin our session by reviewing the code of conduct. For first-time and returning clients, we begin with our opening agreement, taking some time to connect, informing each other of our boundaries, and then having a chat about what we might want to explore within those boundaries. We will transition to touch at your readiness and always with your comfort and preference in mind. We will always proceed as slowly and carefully as you need and, in fact, we can transition to touch over several sessions if that’s what feels best to you. If you choose to transition over time to touch, there are several activities we can do together in the meantime, such as reading, adult colouring, meditating, cooking, watching a movie, going for a walk (weather permitting), going to a restaurant or an event, etc.. The truly wonderful thing is that within our agreed-upon container, there is no right or wrong way to share this time.

I look forward to meeting you and to co-creating a safe, warm, non-judgemental, and empowered space for us to connect.


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