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Sam D

Trained Cuddlist

Session Rate: $80/hour + Travel Fee for Outcalls

Kansas City, KS

About Sam

To feel unconditionally accepted, for who you are, and all that you come with, is a state of being we should all feel, but often don’t. My sessions are safe, sacred and welcoming of who you are and the humanity you occupy. I create the space to just be you in a warm, caring, non judgmental environment. I am a student of mindfulness and meditation, so in our cuddle sessions, I utilize the approaches of generous listening to allow the fullness of your experience to gently rise to the surface of our time together. I genuinely welcome clients of any and all orientations and gender identities to experience a safe and sacred time together.

With generous listening, a beautiful benefit is learning to walk in the confidence of your needs and wants as you practice expressing them to me during our time together. Being able to communicate your personal Nos and Yeses is a integral part of the consenting human condition. As you learn to embrace your vulnerability (showing up as the real you) in a safe and respectful environment, you can begin to cultivate skillfully acknowledging and expressing your own needs and wants, as well as generously listening to and respecting the needs and wants of others. This is a beautiful skill to learn and I am here to help you learn it and refine this skill set into a beautifully useful tool.

Session information from Sam

I conduct my sessions in the living room (non bedroom rooms of the house), preferably on large couches or other such construct. I play music from a cuddle playlist, but I am open to adding additional artists to that list if available in itunes. I do like to light candles and use as much natural light as possible. I will come freshly showered and with no artificial scents (like body sprays or perfumes), but may use natural oils like Vanilla or Cinnamon. If you are allergic to such scents, please don’t hesitate to let me know and I can omit them completely. I do not smoke or drink, but if you do, please refrain at least 4 hours ahead of the visit to provide time for those scents to diminish. We begin by creating a communication agreement and from here, individual preferences can guide us.

Skills & Specialties

Massage Therapy Conscious Living Training (Boston)


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