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Sarah Belle

Certified Cuddlist

Session Rate: $150 + $50 Travel fee for out-calls

Melbourne, Australia

About Sarah Belle

I believe the need for connection and touch is universal.
You are worthy of care, love and compassion.
You are welcome to enter into a safe container where the human experience we share is celebrated.
I wish to welcome you into a space of nurture, trust and authentic connection, where you are empowered to explore your curiosity, express your need, and receive what will honour your body and your heart desires.

Session information from Sarah Belle

My aim is to help people to reconnect with their bodies, and their body’s wisdom.
My interest is to embody how to operate from full body “Yes’s” and “No’s,” and encourage others to explore what this feels like so that they can ask for what they need.

Your boundaries will be celebrated in our session.

There is no “typical” session and I love it that way!

There is no right or wrong way to have a session as long as you are honouring yourself.
This will be expressed in any number of ways during our time together.
Anything from sitting and holding hands, to laughing and singing, or falling asleep are all totally appropriate things to do in a session.
The main thing about your session is you have freedom, agency and choice in what activities we engage in.
My desire is to create a safe and non-judgmental space where you can feel connected, valued, heard and supported.
  1. All clients must attend a free Connection Call prior to us working together.
  2. Clients must send a copy of their ID through prior to our session, this is for your safety and mine.
  3. All clients must pre-pay for their sessions using a secure booking link and Square.
  4. Payments will show up on your statement as Soul Embrace Professional Cuddling
There are two cats on the property.
I ask that you don’t wear any cologne and you are wearing clean clothes and clean hands at the start of our session.
The Connection Sanctuary is walking aid but not wheelchair accessible.
When you arrive to the Connection Sanctuary there is plenty of free on-street parking, or it is easily accessible by Melbourne’s #11 tram (Bracken avenue tram stop) you will enjoy the nice forest stroll to the Connection Sanctuary!
“Thank you so much for opening your home, arms and heart to me this evening. I feel calm, blissful and happy.”
“Our sessions were truly groundbreaking for me!”
“Sarah is an amazingly sensitive, caring and heart-centered person with a touch to match. I found her to be incredibly understanding and her intuitiveness made me feel  safe, secure and accepted from the first session and allowed the sessions to take place at a pace that I was comfortable with.”
“I can’t thank Sarah enough for her kind heart, generous and loving nature that has helped me to continue my journey out of the dark and into the light.”
“Setting an intention for the cuddle gave me time to reflect and helped bring up deeper sentiments to work through. Your safe presence allowed me to totally relax and just be held. “
“For the last few years all I have known is isolation, abuse and violent touch at the hands of my ex. So i was curious and also hesitant to see what could come out of the session. Sarah’s welcome made my insides smile as I was enveloped in such a safe cocoon. I felt my breath slow down as I leaned back into her. I let out tiny sobs. She whispered such loving kindness into my ears and she kept her protective arms around me. I felt safe. I felt calm. I felt loved.”
“Sarah worked with us as a couple and held space for us exactly where we were in that process and it was excellent and professional. Sarah did an amazing job at listening and mirroring back what we felt and supported us in taking baby steps that felt safe and easy. I would definitely recommend her to other couples.”
“I’ve been happier, healthier, relaxed, and more energetic….I feel like I have more to offer the world than ever before.”

Skills & Specialties

Consent workshop trained "Like a Pro" 2019 Disability support 5 Rhythms dancer Dancing Eros grad x2 ISTA Fine art model First aid training certified Working with children's check Cat mum of two World traveling Spanish speaking experience in supporting people on the Autism spectrum as well as people who are Deaf and hard of hearing All ages genders and sexual orientations welcome. Queer support person. Trauma informed practice.


Please note due to high client volumes I can not accommodate same day requests. Please include 48 hours notice in your coorespondence.

The Connection Sanctuary opens at 8am and closes at 9pm on the days listed open. The Connection Sanctuary operates at AEDT

Monday: open (not available between 1-4pm)

Tuesday: open after 1pm

Wednesday: open

Thursday: open

Friday: open (not available between 1-4pm)

Lunch hour cuddles & Evening cuddles welcome!

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